Ek Deewana Tha 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom Is Behind Sadhvi’s Murder

Vyom tells Sharanya not sure where Madhvi was going. Did she know about it? Chandni interrupts and says she would know if she stays at home. Vyom takes advantage of that and says Sharanya may have some other work. She is not Madhvi’s nurse. He then asks Sharanya to tell Chandni where she went. Sharanya hesitantly says for shopping. Vyom recalls Sharanya lying to him about her going to meet Sadhvi and says to himself why Sharanya is lying. He asks where are her shopping bags then. She says she forgot them as she got call from him. She asks if Madhvi is okay. Vyom was going to Madhvi saying Sharanya gets bothered a lot by her, but Rajan comes in his way and tells Sharanya that Madhvi got hurt so she must be having some pain. He asks everyone to let her rest.

Goons are attacking Odhni’s

auto. She tries to escape from them.

Sharanya comes to Shiv and says she knows it’s not accident with Madhvi. Someone did it purposely. Whoever tries to help her, everyone gets attacked. Before she used to think Shiv was doing all that and now she thinks it’s Vyom. She asks him who did it as he must know. He says he doesn’t know as it was sunset time and he can’t be around during sunset. She doubts Vyom or Rajan. Shiv advices her to stay away from Vyom’s family. If they can do this with their mother/wife, then imagine others. She thinks it could be Vyom who murdered her dad. She refuses to back out. Shiv gives up and tells her that he’s always with her. They recall a past moment where Shiv helped Sharanya.

Vyom is talking to someone why Sharanya is lying to him. He knows she can’t meet Sadhvi because she’s dead. He was talking to her dead body only. He tells her to tell Sharanya to stop her investigation. She must love him. Whoever comes in his way, he will kill them.

Later, Sharanya is with Madhvi and apologizes her for what’s been happening with her. Sharanya blames herself for it. In between their conversation, Rati comes and tells Sharanya that her mother is waiting downstairs. Madhvi says it’s not Sharanya’s fault. She is actually main target of all this. She says she wishes she could tell her the truth. She opens her eyes and it’s Rajan there.

Sharanya receives call from Odhni who informs her that Fredy knows who killed Shiv and with difficulties she has sent him to Vyom’s house.

Rajan asks Madhvi what truth she wanted to tell Sharanya. That they killed Shiv?

Precap: Seeing Vyom, Fredy says he is the one who killed Shiv, right? Vyom and Sharanya are shocked.