Ek Deewana Tha 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv And Sharanya Find The Video

Vyom pulls Sharanya and dances with her forcibly on Humma Humma song. Shiv reacts. Vyom mentally coaxes Shiv to show his true colours. After today, Sharanya will not be able to lie or makes excuses. It will be fun if we fight head on after today! He still keeps dancing with Sharanya. The chandelier begins to shake because of Shiv’s anger. Shiv angrily blows out all the candles.

Vyom gets up to go but Sharanya holds his hand. She gets the lighter from his pocket, lights it and winks at Shiv. He nods. She pushes him on the bed and dances seductively next. She opens the belt around her nightdress and ties Vyom’s hands with it against the cupboard. She manages to get out of the room. Vyom feels bad again. I loved her deeply again but you broke my trust. Sharanya closes the door from outside.

He knocks at the door. I was just trying to romance with you and see what you did. You said no but I know it was a yes. She tells him it isn’t some movie. How could you think I meant a yes when I said no? If a girl says no then she means that only. It is 2018. This is the modern day truth.

Sharanya and Shiv are on their way to Kapali Hills. Shiv says you slapped me when I said something bitter to you! Couldn’t you have slapped Vyom today? Sharanya replies that it would have made Vyom doubt I don’t love him.

Vyom smiles. You have to also drop the chandelier Shiv’s ghost! I had fun teasing you today. I couldn’t tease you while you were alive but it happened today. you will come in front of me someday. That will be the day of Qayamat!

Sharanya syas I cannot risk the plan. Shiv is irked. What all will I have to see till then! She says I am also angry but I am not reacting. Men think women cannot protect themselves but you don’t understand it isn’t so! I can take care of myself. Shiv tries to say something but she does not let him.

Vyom plans to make Sharanya his on Valentine’s Day. It is just 2 days away and you will be mine then. That ghost Shiv wont be able to do anything!

Sharanya wants to first find the footage of CCTV. Shiv asks her what they will say to Vyom. She replies that it might be possible that it will be that they will be the ones asking Vyom questions when they are back.

Sharanya requests the security incharge to let her see the CCTV footage. He hints at bribe which Shiv understands. Sharanya gives him bribe. Security incharge accepts it. He sends her to check the old computer as the record is old. They enter but see some guy fleeing out from the window. Shiv makes Sharanya check the computer but they see an attempt to delete the file. They cancel the delete. They see the video. It is of a locker room of the date when Shiv was murdered. Shiv says that guy was trying to delete that only! Shiv thinks it might be Vyom who sent him here. He might have understood you are here. Sharanya checks the video. She realises that Odhni had told her the same locker number. They see a woman in the video (with her face well covered with a stole and goggles) keep that knife in that particular locker only. Shiv says it’s a woman! It means that it isn’t Vyom who kept that knife in the locker? Was it someone else how killed me? Sharanya plays the video again and points at the sunglasses that the lady is wearing. Do you remember what ruckus Vyom created for these sunglasses?

Flashback shows Sharanya waiting for Shiv. Someone tells her to choose some other Ranjha herself. Sharanya refuses. Only Shiv will become my Ranjha. This play will be cancelled if he wont come. Shiv hears her saying so and says a shayari about Heer-Ranjha. Sharanya asks him why he took so much footage when he had to come. He explains that if he hadn’t come she would have cancelled the play. It would have affected everyone else too. I came for them. Sharanya does not mind it as long as he is here. They begin the rehearsal. Shiv says his dialogue romantically holding Sharanya’s hand. She says equally nice lines in reply. Shiv and Sharanya share an eye lock. They are distracted by some loud music. Some guys begin to dance there just then. Sharanya tells him to leave but Vyom enters just then wearing that same dress and sunglasses (which the lady in the video is wearing). Flashback ends.

Sharanya asks Shiv if he remembers anything. Everything is exactly the same!

Flashback is shown again. Sharanya asks Vyom what this drama is. Shiv asks them if Vyom is mad. Vyom signals them to look at him and dances on some random song (Naagin). Shiv leaves from there irked. Vyom does not let Sharanya get out of the room and forcibly dances with her. Everyone else is also boggled. Everyone leaves from there except Sharanya and Vyom. Sharanya finally shouts at him to stop it. You ruined everything. Vyom says I made it fun. There should be one item song in your play and it should be mine. He kneels down. You will do play without me? There is no world where I am not in your world. There is no life if I am not in your life.

Flashback ends. Sharanya says Vyom was wearing the same getup that day too. I am sure that will be his perfect hideout. I am sure it is no one else but Vyom.

Precap: Sharanya tells Vyom his concern, love and madness is fake. You can stoop down to any extent for your own sake! Vyom says I am so selfish that I can even kill people for my sake. Do you want to know who I killed?