Ek Deewana Tha 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Freddy Reaches Bedi House

Rajan asks Madhvi what she will say. We killed Shiv? Is my mangalsutra and Vyom’s love is so weak that you will tell a new girl everything? You will get us hanged? He holds her hand telling her to relax. We give threats many times but blast happens once. It ends everything! Please don’t force me to create such a blast for you thereby destroying your life! Please don’t do this sweetheart. I hope you understand. You can turn your back to our son but I cannot! He loves her a lot!

Vyom is holding a knife. The person in dark is no one else but Sadhvi ji. I will kill whosoever will come in between us. I love Sharanya. She is my life! Tell her not to come between Vyom or Sharanya or I will kill her too! He slaps himself. You will kill Sharanya? He shakes his head. How can I kill her?

I love her! Say that Sharanya is Vyom’s and Vyom is Sharanya’s. He repeats it. We love each other a lot. He looks at Sadhvi ji. It is time to give medicine to mom. I should go. If a son has a right to kill his mother then he also has a right to give her medicine. I will give her medicine and come back.

Odhni tells Sharanya that she dropped Freddy mid way and asked him to go to your house. Flashback shows Odhni sending Freddy alone to Bedi House. The goons find empty auto rickshaw. Freddy hurts himself on the head as he falls down. Goons decide to look for them in jungle. She diverts their attention so Freddy isn’t caught. She too reaches the same bridge where Shiv was killed. The goons surround her from both the sides. She falls flat on the ground pretending to be dead. People gather there. The goons run away seeing the crowd. Odhni heads to another side. Flashback ends. Odhni tells Sharanya that Freddy will be reaching soon. Meet him. Everything will be clear then.

Goons call Vyom and tell them that they killed Odhni but Freddy is missing. Vyom says I paid you to kill both of them. Finish the task assigned to you or I will kill you all! Freddy falls on the road. A car is coming towards him. He yells as it inches closer.

Odhni tells Sharanya all the secrets of her past will come out in open soon. Goons are still after me. You only can do this. She notices the goons there and ends the call abruptly. Sharanya rushes out of the house. Sharanya’s mother meets her. Sharanya hopes to find Freddy or help Odhni so everyone can find out about Vyom’s truth asap.

Vyom meets his MIL and Nawab. Sharanya joins them. She is wheeling someone. Vyom thinks it to be Madhvi but is shocked seeing Freddy. Sharanya shares that her mother found him in a wounded state outside so she brought him home. Freddy looks at Vyom and gets up. You killed Shiv? Vyom recalls stabbing Shiv. Sharanya asks him what happened. Why do you seem so shocked? Vyom realises he was imagining it. Sharanya asks him if he is looking at him (freddy) for the first time right. Shiv tells her not to push him. Rajan jons them. Who is he? Mrs. Bisht shares that he is same guy who was dancing in Sharanya and Vyom’s engagement function. I brought him home seeing his condition. Sharanya says his truth is beyond that. He is Freddy, Odhni’s friend. Rajan recalls overhearing her convo with Freddy once. Sharanya relates that Odhni called her once. She said he knows a lot about my past and had called me near the warehouse to tell me everything. He couldn’t tell anything though as he was missing since that day. Reason being, he knows a lot about the secrets related to us! Her mother is stunned. Sharanya says it might be that he also knows who killed papa. Vyom and Rajan remember killing Mr. Bisht.

Sharanya asks Freddy to speak up. What do you know about my past? Who killed my papa? Freddy gets up with great difficulty. Meanwhile, Vyom takes out the pocket knife from his back pocket. Freddy also recalls Vyom stabbing him from behind. Send Sharanya away from here or I will kill her too! He had later dragged Freddy aside. Freddy walks up to Vyom who is ready with the pocket knife. Sharanya and Shiv look at them intrigued. Sharanya tells Freddy not to be afraid. We all wish to know what’s going on in this house. Tell us who killed papa. Who attacked you? Tell us the truth. Freddy raises his finger but then takes Vyom’s shades and walks / dances around like a mad guy. Sharanya keeps asking him to speak up. You wanted to tell me something right? Tell me who killed papa? Freddy laughs at her. Rajan and Vyom heave a sigh of relief. Vyom points out that maybe he lost his mental balance. Rajan pretends to be sad. We could have found out who murdered Ram Bhaisahab but he cannot even speak properly. Mrs. Bisht says it seems something affected him really badly which is why he is in this condition. Rajan assures her they wont let such a big witness go away. We will get him treated in the best hospital. Vyom says we cannot keep him in a hospital! We should instead keep him in our house with us, in front of our eyes. Sharanya said he knows a lot about her secret, about Ram uncle’s murderer! He is our responsibility. It wont be safe to keep him in a hospital if killer if after him. Rajan seconds him. We will get him treated in this house before everyone. I will make sure he is fine and tells us whatever he knows. Vyom nods. Rajan asks Sharanya if she feels Odhni is innocent then she is highly mistaken. She has murder charges against her. Sharanya nods. Rajan leaves the room. Vyom makes a face before following his father. Shiv and Sharanya notice it and are confused. Sharanya thinks Vyom is always ready for their plan. He is too smart and 10 steps ahead from us!

Precap: Rajan says if I find out that Madhvi was intentionally made to fall from the stairs by someone then Rajan Bedi wont waste even 2 seconds in finishing him! Vyom tells him it was he who threw mom off stairs. Shiv and Sharanya are talking. Shiv tells Sharanya that the one who can do this to his mother can do a lot worse to others!