Vidyut calls Sharanya to meet him alone if she wants to see letter that she wrote to Shiv before her accident. Shiv watches Vidyut angrily.

Sharanya comes to the goddown. It’s dark there. Sharanya slowly walks in. She puts her hand on bed frame and it gets locked with handcuffs. Lights turn on and Vidyut comes out. She refers him as uncle and he asks her not to call him that. There is not much age difference between them. Sharanya asks is he not ashamed thinking like that for her? She’s Vyom’s wife who is like a son to him. Vidyut says he cannot control his feelings seeing beautiful girl like her. He takes out letter and says she had to come to him for that letter that has soul’s secret. She tries to take it, but he says not that easily. There is price for everything.

She asks what price? He says they all know her and Vyom are friends only and she married him to save his life. There must not be any relationship between them and he wants her to have that relationship with him. She will be very happy with him and he won’t tell anyone anything. Sharanya is shocked, angry, and disgusted. She slaps him. Vidyut throws her on the bed and ties her both hands. He forces himself on her. Sharanya screams for help. Shiv comes there and throws Vidyut off the bed with force of wind. Letter also flies away. Sharanya tells Vidyut that Shiv is here, he won’t spare him. Shiv goes to Vidyut and grabs his neck. Sharanya asks Shiv to leave Vidyut. Shiv throws him away. Vidyut wonders whether it’s ghost or he had too much drink. Shiv goes near Sharanya. She says not to come close to her. He touches her hand and caresses her. She gets some flashbacks from her past. Other side, some chemicals fall on Vidyut and his body melts and disappears in air, leaving no sign behind.

Vyom comes there and runs to Sharanya. Sharanya asks him to open handcuffs. Vyom frees her and Sharanya hugs her. Vyom’s family and Sharanya’s family also come there. Chandni says what is this? suhagraat set up here? Rajan stares at her angrily and she gets quiet. Vyom asks Sharanya why she came there. Sharanya says Vidyut called her and tried to forced himself on her. Vyom tells her not to be afraid of anyone and tell the whole truth. She tells everything from beginning. Vyom says she should have told him, trusted him. If she says, then he would leave all his family. Vidyut is no one. Chandni tells Vyom what’s wrong with him? Yesterday’s girl saying anything and he is believing. Vyom asks what she means yesterday’s girl? She tied herself? Chandni says she doesn’t know all that, but Vidyut can’t do anything like this. She asks Sharanya isn’t she ashamed accusing Vidyut for something like this? And she asks Rati, she is staying quiet after what all Sharanya is accusing Vidyut of? Rati recalls Vidyut eying Sharanya in past. Chandni asks Rajan he is quiet too? Vyom tells Chandni what she thinks that Sharanya is lying? She doesn’t need to lie. Chandni tells Vyom that he is that mad in Sharanya’s love that he can’t see anything. Rati searches for Vidyut and finds his ring. Chandni asks then where is Vidyut? Vyom says he must have ran away. Chandni says there is only one exit. Rati says he was here and shows his ring to everyone. Sharanya suddenly remembers about the letter and tells Vyom they must find it. Rajan and Chandni seem to be worried. Rati tells Rajan that Vidyut did very wrong, but requests to try to find him, for Avni.

Sharanya sees letter and recalls she wrote to her dad that she is in trouble and she needs his help. She is sharing this with him only. She doesn’t have courage to say this face to face, hence the letter. While searching for Vidyut, some chemicals containers fall by Chandni by mistake. Chemicals come out and creates fire. Rajan asks everyone to leave. Sharanya is still going behind letter.

Poem: Inn bandh aankhon se aakhir aur kitna jagu mein,
wo kisi aur ka ho chuka hai, ab kya dua mangu mein.

Rough translation: How long should I stay awake with this closed eyes,
he has become someone else’s, now what do I pray.

Precap: Blast in chemical factory. Vyom screams Sharanya and all are crying.