Rajan asks everyone to leave as fire starts, but Sharanya is still going behind the letter. Shiv and Vyom both watch her. Vyom stops her, takes her hand and drags her out. Factory explodes.

Ram’s last rituals are going on. All remember him. Rajan is in thoughts. Chandni tells him that Vyom got separated from him, just like Rajan separated her from everyone. It’s all karma. He will cry, but Vyom won’t look back at him. Vyom has no sorrow for Vidyut’s death, but is sad for Sharanya’s dad. She tells him that he will regret his decision to bring Sharanya home.

At home, Sharanya cries sitting in bathroom, remembering her dad. Vyom asks her to open the door. No response from her. He goes in and sits beside her, hugs her and consoles. He carries her and takes

to the bed. Shiv is in their room. Vyom brings towel and wipes Sharanya’s face. Sharanya hugs him. Shiv watches them. Vyom tells Sharanya to be strong. Sharanya says she won’t spare person who killed her father. Vyom says he is with her, they will find killer together. Sharanya asks what happened about Odhni’s bail. Vyom says procedure is going on, it will take little time. She says she doesn’t want an innocent to get punished and they don’t know where Fredy is.

Odhni gets nightmares that Fredy is dead and wakes up in shock. She says she knows Fredy is in trouble, she won’t let anything happen to him. She warns someone (Shiv) that she won’t spare him if he does anything to Fredy.

Next morning, all are gathered for breakfast. Sharanya asks Rati to eat something. Rati is tensed as there is no news about Vidyut. Sharanya asks her to have faith in the God. Chandni says he must be ashamed for what he has done. How he will face them? It’s better he dies. Rati is shocked. Sharanya asks Chandni what she is saying.. he has his family behind and no problems get solved by someones dying. Evil within one needs to die. Madhavi comes laughing there. She says it’s just start, so far only Vidyut has disappeared. Everyone will disappear slowly slowly. Only Sharanya will be left because everything is happening because of her. Vyom gets angry and asks Madhavi to stop. Madhavi says she is not saying anything wrong. She warned them before that Sharanya will kill everyone. Rajan slaps her. Sharanya asks how he slapped her. Rajan says she deserves that. Sharanya asks who he is to decide who deserves what. Rajan asks her how she is talking to him? It’s his house, she will teach him what to do? She says when elders do mistake, children have right to tell them that. She is not his property, she is his wife. If he disagrees with her, then he can argue with her. He doesn’t have right to raise his hand at her. Rajan says, I don’t believe you… Vyom interrupts and asks what wrong Sharanya said. Rajan is shocked. He says Rajan should not have raised his hand at Madhavi. Rajan stares angrily at Sharanya and walks away. Chandni smirks.

Odhni is planning to escape to help Fredy. She succeeds in it.

Madhavi looks in mirror and says, whenever he hits, he hits her on face. She can hide wounds within her, but how she can hide her face’s wound. Sharanya comes there with the aid. Madhavi throws it away. She asks what she thinks that she will start liking her if she supports her? Never. Her view for her can never change, they both can never be on same side. Sharanya says she is on her side only, in fact they all three are on same side. Madhavi asks three? She says Vyom. They both are on Vyom side and won’t let anything happen to him. She does the aid. Madhavi doesn’t say anything. Sharanya says loving someone a lot is okay, but one should not give right to anyone to disrespect them. Madhavi says she doesn’t want to hear lecture, she knows Sharanya is happy inside seeing her weak. Sharanya says woman who fight with the whole world, her husband for her son can never be weak. In fact, she is her inspiration. She promises Madhavi that she won’t let anything happen to Vyom. Shiv watches them.

Poem: Nibhana jisko kehte hai, wo kuch logo ko aata hai,
bara aasan hai kehna, mujhe tumse mohabbat hai.

Rough translation: Some people know how to obey.
It’s easy to say that I love you.

Precap: Sharanya tells Madhavi that she said Shiv is back. Did she know him? It’s shown Shiv telling Madhavi that Sharanya is his only, if anyone comes in between them, then it won’t be good.