Sharanya tells Madhavi that she used to think she doesn’t like her, but now it feels like matter is something else. Since she came to this house, she has been saying that everything is going to end. Madhavi gets nervous and asks her to leave. Sharanya doesn’t go. Madhavi says fine she will go. Sharanya says Shiv and Madhavi stops. Sharanya tells her that she was saying Shiv is back. Did she know him? In flashback it’s shown Madhavi pleading to Shiv that Vyom loves Sharanya and Shiv saying Sharanya is his life, how he can forget her? She is only his, all her breathe, her heartbeat, everything is his. If anyone comes in between them, then he will… Back to present, Sharanya asks Madhavi who he was. Madhavi hesitates. Rajan comes there. Sharanya says she just came to check

Madhavi. Rajan says even elders do mistakes and he is happy that his children are there to correct him. He asks whether he can spend some time with Madhavi. Sharanya leaves. She is disappointed because she didn’t get answers to her questions, yet again. She wonder who Shiv is.

Sharanya now comes to temple to meet Sadhvi. Sadhvi says Shiv’s soul should have left by now. It seems soul has some mission and until his mission is not done, he won’t leave this world. This mission is connected to her. Sharanya asks what it could be? Sadhvi says only her and that soul can give answer to such questions. Something has happened that’s only between them two. They will have to do something so that she can hear, see the soul. If this secret remains secret, then many lives will go in coming days. Sharanya says whenever she gets closer to the truth, the soul destroys all truths. Sadhvi says whatever they talk in temple, that soul won’t be able to hear. Sadhvi further says, there is only one solution, she will have to call him. There must be a specific time or reason when that soul comes. Sharanya recalls whenever Vyom gets closer to her, that soul comes.

Sharanya comes back home. Family is distributing goods in poors. Sharanya asks what’s going on. Madhavi says she will know if she stays in home. It’s Chandni’s husband death anniversary. Sharanya says sorry she didn’t know. Vyom says she took permission from him even though she didn’t have to. Sharanya says she wants go out with Vyom today. Madhavi says not today. Rajan also agrees with Madhavi saying it’s a bad day today, first Vidyut disappeared, then this death anniversary. He is not getting good feelings, so everyone should stay at home so they can be safe. Vyom argues, but then Sharanya says it’s okay. Vyom is not happy with Rajan. Rajan is also angry. Chandani says to herself she likes this arguments between father and son.

Sharanya is looking at her dad’s photo. Vyom says she didn’t get ready yet? She just told outside that she wants to take him out. Sharanya says parents don’t want them to go out and she can understand them. Vyom tells her to remember two things. First whatever she wants will happen. If she wants him to leave the world, then he will. Second he can’t leave this opportunity of Sharanya taking him on a date.

Odhni comes to her place and hopes no one finds out that she is there. She says Sharanya is in big trouble and because of her, Freddy got stuck into this. She picks up phone but decides against calling Sharanya. She looks at Shiv’s picture on the wall and says he will tell her where Freddy is.

Vyom and Sharanya get ready. Vyom praises Sharanya’s beauty. He asks what’s the matter? She got ready like a bride. Sharanya feels sorry for Vyom as she’s doing all this only to accomplish her mission that she planned with Sadhvi. It’s time to bring an end to the soul else it will take more lives.

Poem: Teri aankhon se chura kar kajal, apne hisse ki raat kati hai,
Tumne khwabon ko rakh kar dala, jo ye zindagi kisi aur ke saath baati hai.

Rough translation: You destroyed these dreams by sharing life with someone else.

Precap: Vyom and Sharanya get close. Shiv comes. His soul gets caught. Sharanya says today he won’t be able to escape.