Sharanya says you will have to answer all my questions today! what do you want? Why are you after us? I will not leave before you answer my questions! Why have you ruined our lives? What’s your enmity with me and Vyom? Why did you kill my papa? What harm did he do to you? You cannot do anything to us today. Answer me. I know you are listening! I wont leave without hearing your answer. Show me your power if you dare to! Show me your face! She again says that he wont be able to do anything to them. I have made such arrangement that you wont be able to escape. You are caught! The mirrors break. Sharanya’s mangalsutra was about to fall but she holds it. She looks at Vyom who is lying wounded on the ground. She rushes to him. Shiv laughs.

The white line is cleared by blood. She recalls

Sadhvi’s words that no blood should fall on the bhasma.

She challenges Shiv to come in front of her and answer her! She notices Shiv’s face in a broken mirror. Some flashbacks are shown. She passes out.

Vyom winces in pain. He looks around him and takes out his phone. He dials someone’s number and then passes out.

Sharanya is sleeping. She sees images of what happened last night and wakes up screaming Vyom’s name. Her mangalsutra is missing. She runs downstairs and asks Rati about Vyom. Rati asks her what happened last night. Sharanya again asks for Vyom and is told that he is in hospital. We brought you home. Sharanya asks her if he is fine. Rati denies. He is in critical condition.

Doctors are operating on Vyom.

Sharanya rushes out of the house but is stopped by Chandni’s son. She asks him what this stupidity is. He refuses to let her go to hospital. No one wants you to go. Sit quietly in the house or I will lock you! Rati also asks him to let go of Sharanya’s hand. He blames her for Vyom’s condition. Sharanya slaps him and leaves on her own.

Sharanya reaches hospital. She collides with the nurse on her way to Vyom’s room. Chandni looks on and so does Rajan. Madhvi blocks her way. Sharanya requests her to let her meet Vyom but Madhvi slaps her instead. I warned you that yesterday was not a good day to take Vyom outside! You dint listen to me. What’s that bed and mirror about? How is my son in this condition? Sharanya cries seeing him from the window. Sharanya says I don’t know how it happened. Let me see him once. Madhvi asks her why only Vyom is wounded then. Chandni adds that Vyom’s surgery is on since last night. Doctors are taking out every piece of glass from his body. How you are not even scratched? Madhvi says his body is badly wounded but you are scratch free! How can it be? Sharanya begs her to let her meet Vyom once. Madhvi says I kept my son away from all the problems but you only gave him pain till date. You have always brought his life to a life and death situation. You did that today too! You promised to keep him safe. How did it happen then? Sharanya again requests her to allow her to see Vyom once but this time Rajan tells her against it. You are responsible for Vyom’s condition. You took him along even when we said no. Just leave! She again tries to request him but he firmly tells her to leave. You are responsible for Vyom’s condition. Vyom is the target of all that goes wrong in our house! You took him even when we said no. Leave! She accepts her mistake. Please allow me to meet him once. He stays put. Go before I lose my cool. Madhvi pushes her to the door. Don’t show your face. Get out. Sharanya picks a broken piece of her bangle from the floor. Madhvi and Chandni turn their backs on him. Rajan too looks away. She leaves.

Sharanya comes to temple. This broken bangle has my husband’s blood on it. It’s all because of you (sadhvi ji). You said everything will be fine if I am with him. I did the same. I dint go anywhere. You then told me to marry Vyom before solar eclipse. I did that only. I followed your words but he dint leave! I did all that you asked me to as I trusted you. What did I get in return though? I lost my father. Even after all that happened, I followed your words but now Vyom! Many such broken glass pieces have hurt Vyom already! He is fighting for his life today. it’s all because of you! Why did you do this when you dint know of the consequence? How could you forget that I am fighting with a spirit. How could you do something because of which someone could lose his life! She takes the bloodied glass from her hand. Whatever I say is never wrong.

Sharanya calls her a liar. I don’t believe you. You said you haven’t stepped out of the temple since last 25 years; you can see spirits and talk to them! It was all rubbish! You only talk! I believed you as you are in temple. I have lost my faith in you. I will never come back here. Sadhvi ji requests her to trust her one last time. Sharanya declines. Sadhvi ji takes her to mata Rani’s idol. You trust her right? I haven’t done anything on my wish but whatever you (Ma) guided me. How can a spirit break past your bondage? I am not feeling bad that someone lost their trust in me? I am feeling bad as this girl is in so much pain because of me! Is he more powerful than you?

Shiv smiles as he stands outside the temple.

Shayari –
Pyar ki diwangi ke aage bhagwan bhi jhukta hai
Mandir chhod, masjid chhod
Tere har sawalon ka jawab
Tere aashiq se milta hai

Precap: Sadhvi ji helps Sharanya see some flashes of her past (accident). They realise that Sharanya will find all her answers in the temple situated in Kapali Hills. Sharanya realises that Kapali Hills is the same place where she and Vyom met with an accident.