Sadhvi ji tells Sharanya to have faith on Mata Rani. She will answer all the questions that you want to ask that spirit. Just think of them. Have faith in Mata Rani. Sharanya asks all the questions as Sadhvi ji keeps her hand on her head. Sharanya writes something in the vermilion tray that Sadhvi ji is holding. She has drawn Mata’s idol that is in Kapali Hills (shown in the first scene of the serial). Sadhvi ji says some memories are attached with this place. Think about it. Sharanya recalls seeing some photos in Aditya’s laptop and that Freddy, Odhni referred to Kapali Hills too. She sees some flashes. This is the same place where Vyom and I met with the accident! I got one clue. I know what I have to do now. I will get all my answers from where this riddle started – Kapali Hills! Now this

fear and spirit will die there only! Sadhvi ji says it is Karvachauth tomorrow. It is a very big day for you. You should go to Kapali Hills for your husband’s sake. No one can harm you tomorrow. Save him. Devi Ma lives in every woman. Invoke her inside you and end the evil!

Rati is crying. Madhvi tells Rati to have faith. I will pray that Vidyut comes soon. She notices the empty thali kept for Sharanya. She still hasn’t come down. I don’t know if she will even keep fast for him or not. I don’t know what she wants! I don’t know why my son married her! Sharanya asks her if it can happen. They stand up in surprise seeing Sharanya there. Sharanya says how the wife, whose husband is fighting with death, can not keep fast for him. I know he is in this situation because of me but I promise you I will put an end to this for forever! Vyom will not have to bear any more pain. She bends down to seek her blessing but Madhvi steps aside. Sharanya says you never blessed me but you can atleast bless me to remain a married woman. I know you want this only. Madhvi does not move this time. She blesses Sharanya teary eyed. Sharanya smiles. It is said that a mother’s blessing never goes waste. I only had hope earlier but now I am sure I will complete what I am going to do. She turns to go but Madhvi asks her to have sargi atleast. Sharanya replies that she wont eat or drink anything till the time she will get this spirit out of Vyom’s life! Madhvi asks her where she is going. Sharanya says to repay the debt of Vyom’s love and leaves.

Rajan gets angry seeing Sharanya coming in hospital. I told you not to come but you came again! Just go! She says you always supported me whenever anyone spoke against me. You have always trusted me. I request you to trust me for the last time today. Please let me meet Vyom once today on Karvachauth. He thinks of how he had begged her to save Vyom and Vyom did come back to life because of her. You saved his life last time. I hope you are able to do similar miracle this time too. I just hope! He opens the ward’s door for Sharanya. I just hope you can save my Vyom’s life.

Sharanya sits next to Vyom. She remembers their last conversation and what happened afterwards. She cries seeing his condition. What should I do? Should I hold my ears of beg? Give me any punishment. I will bear it all but please forgive me. You have always protected my life while I have always put your life in risk. You always thought well for me whereas even my good thoughts always ended up harming you. I have decided to put an end to this problem for forever! I promise you no spirit or anyone will be able to touch you ever again! Till now everyone has only seen your love. Now they will see my stubbornness. Pardon me as once again, I am leaving without telling you anything. It is important though. It needs to be ended. Don’t know what will happen there. It might be possible that I will never return, that I wont be able to see you again! She looks at the holy thread in her hand given to her by Sadhvi ji. It will protect Vyom till the time Sharanya will be in Kapali Hills. She ties it on Vyom’s hand. I might or might not live. You will live. Shiv looks at her angrily. Sharanya says I will live in your every emotion, feeling, thought, expression and words. She kisses him on the forehead which irks Shiv a lot. She gets up to go but the other end of her pallu is stuck in Vyom’s hand. She walks away thereby freeing it.

Shayari –

Palatne ateet ke panne tum us waqt me jana hoga
Tadap, takleef, ishq aur dhokha
Tumhe pata hai
Bas yaad karna hoga

Precap: Sharanya is in Kapali Hills. She falls down while running and ends up holding a hand that emerges out of ice. She thinks someone is in problem and assures him that she will save him. She is shocked to see Shiv’s dead body as she removes the ice