Producer Prateek Sharma talks about few unpredictable and mind-blowing twists in the story line of his show, Ek Deewana Tha ahead on Sony TV. The story is leaving the audince guessing about the twists that will come ahead in the show. “The story was always planned like this. This is the story. Till now, we have been true to the broad story and this will be the way forward.” Talking about how tough it was for the lead actors to get into this big a transformation, Prateek explains, “It was very difficult for all the three actors. But for Donal, it was very tough. First she was romancing Vikram, and now it is Namik. She always used to tell me that she should not have known the broad story line much in advance, and that if she was kept in the dark about this switch, it would have been better for her. But as Producer, I had narrated the whole story to her even before we started shoot. Vikram was very well-prepared. That is why he left little bit of intriguing points and nuances here and there in the track. That is his style of acting. He dropped clues and hints wherever possible, that suggested that he is negative. However, the story was intertwined so very interestingly that nobody could predict this point. Namik was waiting for this point to come. We were only playing it out to his personality and look till now. And now, he has come into full form. It is difficult for a person of his stature to just stand by, and wait for his time to come. We are in a zone where we do not even know whether a show will survive for three months. He put this much of faith in me, and waited patiently. I must say, it happened very brilliantly for him. All actors were aware of this twist coming. So there were no major reactions from anybody. All were in fact waiting for this as every actor loves to take up a new challenge. All three of them are extremely comfortable with each other and share positive vibes. We now look forward to much more drama.”

Having come to this major phase in the story line, the Producer assures viewers that a lot is still to be expected in the show. “There is a story that is going to be revealed as to why Vyom is like this, and why Vyom loves her so much. Also, there is a back story coming about Shiv’s past, something related to him being an orphan. So there are lot many unfolded chapters going to open. There will be a complete transformation in Donal’s character, which viewers will be stunned to see. Above all, just like our Manali high point, we will have yet another high point, not necessarily an outdoor wherein all the equations will again change.” Are you excited for more twists and turns in the show? Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming story.