EK Deewana Tha: Rajan turns overprotective father irked with Vyom and Sharanya’s bonding

Sony Tv horror cum romantic drama EK Deewana Tha is showcasing high voltage drama in the ongoing episodes.

It was earlier seen that Rajan was the one who wanted to get Sharanya married to Vyom to fulfil his obsessed love for Sharanya.

While over a period of time, post Vyom and Sharanya’s marriage, Rajan is regretting him getting Vyom and Sharanya married.

However, Vyom is getting influenced by Sharanya and is seen obeying her against Rajan.

This behaviour of Vyom is not getting digested by Rajan.

Twist in tale Rajan to separate Vyom and Sharanya

Thus Rajan will be seen turning negative against Vyom and will get determined to separate Vyom and Sharanya.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.

So far we have seen mother getting jealous over Son and daughter in law’s bonding but this time we will get witness father getting over possessive for son.

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