Ek Deewana Tha: Sadhvi unveils Vyom’s (Vikram Singh Chauhan) fake love, Shiv and Sharanya’s (Donal Bisht) eternal love gets to destiny

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Ek Deewana Tha is gearing up for some interesting twist.

Sharanya has found truth about her relationship with Shiv and their love chords gets connected while Sharanya is shocked knowing Vyom’s fake love.

Sharanya’s gets major shock finding truth whole Sadhvi also finds truth by seeing Vyom’s palm lines and warns Sharanya.

Sadhvi will now guide Sharanya’s love towards Shiv and will expose Vyom’s ugly truth infront of Sharanya.

Sharanya versus Rajan and Vyom’s war begins

Sharanya will realise that Sadhvi’s trick failed to catch Shiv because it was not for him and Shiv’s love was stronger than anything.

What step will Sharanya take now to fight for justice in Shiv’s murder and how will she stand against Vyom and Rajan.