Ek Deewana Tha: Shiv’s blasting entry to rescue lady love Sharanya from devil Vidyut

Ek Deewana Tha is slowly and steadily turning towards very interesting face of the storyline.

The story was yet now focussing on Sharanya and Vyom’s love story but the real love story will now begin in real manner amid Shiv and Sharanya.

It was earlier seen that Vidyut had lust for Sharanya where he traps Sharanya using Shiv’s past truth.

Thereby Vidyut traps Sharanya and forcefully tries to get intimate with Sharanya.

But never till Shiv is there in Sharanya’s life, no one can harm or dare to touch Sharanya.

Sharanya learns Shiv’s loyal love

Shiv will mark his blasting entry where he will ruthlessly beat up Vidyut for his disgusting deed.

Shiv will even kill Vidyut who tried to molest Sharanya, thereby Shiv’s loyal love will make Sharanya overwhelmed.

Shiv’s goodness had made Sharanya rethink of Shiv’s reality.

Will Sharanya realize that Shiv is only her love?