Ek Deewana Tha: Vyom’s over possessive love for Sharanya becomes life curse to Bedi’s (Upcoming Story)

Sony TV entertaining thriller romantic saga Ek Deewana Tha has been witnessing a very sensitive melodrama with Vyom’s love for Sharanya getting possessive.

Vyom’s love for Sharanya has become life curse for Bedi’s and family.

While Madhvi wants to separate Vyom and Sharanya, Vyom gets pissed off and attacks his own mother Madhvi.

Vyom cannot bear the pain of getting separated from Sharanya that he can do anything to get Sharanya’s love.

Vyom turns psycho behind Sharanya

Vyom’s love and passion, his life and breathe everything is Sharanya.

Vyom has turned psycho behind Sharanya which results as life curse for family.

Madhvi is badly injured by Vyom while Sharanya is yet unaware from the truth that Vyom is real murderer and he only hurt Madhvi to hide his truth.

Let’s see how Sharanya will face Vyom’s madness.