Ek Thi Raani Ek Tha Raavan 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ammaji is waiting for Rani, Rukhmani, and their mother.
Ammaji starts scolding them on being late. Just then, storms hit the area. Rani runs to take off the sheets from the terrace and Rukmani and mother remain at ground floor to collect spices spread for drying.
While Rani is folding sheets, she feels a sensation of a man touching her. She gets petrified. She runs to call for help. Just then, Rani’s mother climbs to the terrace for helping Rani. She found Rani terrified. Rani tells about the presence of a man, but the mother couldn’t find anyone.
Later, Rivaj invites Rani’s family for his engagement ceremony.
Rukmani and Rani dress up for the occasion. They reach the locations get astounded by the decoration.
A man gets off from a luxury car in boxers and starts dancing. Rivaj calls the man as a younger brother. He asks to stop all this.
Rani feels pity for the differently abled man.
Rivaj fires the crackers which trouble his brother. The man rushes to escape from the crackers. He snatches Rani’s Dupatta. Rani runs after him.
The written update of 25 January 2019 Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan episode full story ends.
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