Gathbandhan 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Raghu waking up from the dream. He escapes from Dhanak’s sight.
Raghu informs Aslam about Dhanak and her address. Aslam gets surprised.
Nani asks Dhanak to get sugar from Savitri. She approaches, and Raghu comes in front of her. Raghu paints his face with shaving creams, which makes Dhanak burst in laughter.
Later, Dhanak asks sugar from Raghu. Puzzled Raghu creates a mess but finally gives her sugar.
Savitri is happy for her birthday and plays loud music to celebrate it. Mahendra feels nauseous due to high pitch noise. Dhanak approaches to turn it off. Nani tries to stop it, but she marches forward.
Dhanak turns off the music which makes Savitri angry.
Precap: Dhanak requests Savitri to turn off the music. Savitri refuses. Raghu and Aslam get cold feet.