Gathbandhan 29th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Dhanak gives her earning to him in return of his help at the hospital.
Nani and Savitri have dance face off. Sejal, Preeti, and Paras want to see the celebration. Dhanak returns to her father.
Raghu wants to dance with Dhanak. She tricks Savitri in her talks. Savitri permits her to dance with her.
Raghu calls Dhanak to dance with him. He gives headphones to Dhanak for her father.
Savitri spreads oil on the hallway where Maya slips and breaks her leg.
Savitri asks Raghu to make sure that Dhanak dances with her.
Raghu tells Dhanak that he was asked to dance in front of the minister, but his dance partner is not able to perform. He asks Dhanak to dance with him. Dhanak refuses.