Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Guddan gets enrolled in Khichdi making competition but she doesn’t know cooking. Durga and another daughter in laws of Akshat don’t want her to win.
On the other side, Parv pranks on Kaushalya by saying her daughter is pregnant as stated by reports. But, Revti clears that all.
Parv wants to marry Revti as soon as possible. Parv tells Revti for not telling her sister aka Guddan.
While Guddan prepares for the competition, Parv comes and demoralize her. He clearly doesn’t want Guddan to win anyhow.
He must be planning something against her.
Akhsat talks with Parv and asks about what’s wrong with him. Akshat tells him to take care of his wife properly if he wants to live in peace.
Revti guides Guddan how to make khichdi via video call. Guddan follows her step and finally makes it.
However, Parv wants to ruin her hard work. So, he places a nail into the vessel. Parv hates Guddan and Akshat.
Precap: Will Guddan get successful or not?