Ranvir drives the car and goes to a house. Kabir follows him and sees Aanchal’s pic all around in the house. Ranvir touches Aanchal’s face in the pic and says I love you Aanchal, I can’t live without you. Kabir is shocked. Ranvir says did you know that Kabir raised hand on me for the first time and says he didn’t know that I love you. He says I wish I would have died that day in the OT. He acts and says Kabir doesn’t know that I was about to propose you on that day. He says I have done so much for kabir, and can’t feel the pain of snatching his love. He says I will go far away from the house, and very away from you. He says I can’t see you with Kabir and says it is worst than a death. He cries. Kabir gets emotional and goes. Ranvir sees him gone and laughs. He says you have done mistake by

raising hand on me, I told you not to let this world take advantage of your love. He says you haven’t done right by snatching my rights and says you will return Aanchal to me with your hands. He laughs and thinks I wish you have understood that I am right. Kabir is driving the car and thinks about Ranvir and Aanchal. He stops the car and says I love you Aanchal. Aanchal hears his voice. Rupali says it might be a bad dream. Aanchal calls Kabir, but he rejects her calls. Rupali says he must be busy. She says I just hope nothing happened. She calls Ranvir and says his phone is not reachable now. Ranvir says I know you called me to enquire about Kabir as I don’t matter to you. He says I will see where is he? He thinks Kabir will show the way to reach you.

Kabir comes there. Ranvir stops playing mouth organ and acts to be surprised. Kabir slaps him. Ranvir gets shocked. Kabir says did you feel pain and says now you will feel what I am feeling. Ranvir says Bhai. Kabir says you are really an orphan and says I would have sacrifice my life for you. Ranvir acts to have sacrificed his love and says when I fell in love with her, I thought I will give you something. He says I got happy when I heard about my death, but destiny had other plans. He says I am going far from here and will not come in your way. Kabir says you are right and takes him home. Aanchal says I got scared and asks where were you? Kabir says I shall ask what happened? He says today Ranvir is ashamed to ask me something and says he needs your love. He says Bade loves you.

Aanchal turns her face. Kabir says since he came here, we are two hearts and one soul. He says I can leave my love for him. Ranvir says Aanchal loves you. Kabir says your love is strong than my love and asks Aanchal to forget him and accept Ranvir. He is about to give Aanchal’s hand in his hand, but she turns away and then slaps him. She says if you don’t respect my love then don’t insult it. I love you always and can’t hate you. She says I love you Kabir and goes. It is his imagination and thinks Aanchal will never agree to this, and thinks what to choose Ranvir’s happiness or Anchal’s love. He cries and says sorry to Aanchal. Ranvir promises to Aanchal’s pic that they will soon unite.

In the morning, Kabir comes home. Aanchal comes infront of his car and is about to throw stone on it. Kabir drives car fast. Aanchal jumps. She asks have you gone mad and asks where was he all night? Kabir says he was wandering in night, but morning made everything clear. Aanchal asks if everything is alright. Kabir says I promise that I will make everything fine.

Precap: kabir says tonight something will happen and says we have to get our love, which we don’t share.