Aanchal talks to someone and comes to know that he has not send delivery boy. Aanchal thinks then who is he? Rupali gives him food and asks him to take it. Aanchal calls her and rushes to the delivery boy’s house. She enquires with the neighbors. Neighbor tells that he vacated the house. Aanchal breaks the lock and goes inside. She sees poison bottle and gets shocked. Rupali sees Aanchal’s 25 missed calls and calls her. Aanchal asks her to stop Chotu and says he is not from agency, if they eat the food then they can die. Rupali says she has just landline number. Aanchal says she will go there. Rupali calls on the landline number and thinks who can do this with them. Chotu meets Ranvir and tells that he has added poison in the box. Ranvir gives him money and asks him to go far from the city. Chotu nods.

Ranvir thinks now nobody can save Rupali except me. He laughs and says Ranvir, you bad guy. He sees Aanchal going there. The guests start having food. Aanchal runs inside and throws the plate. She sees many people fainting and dying. She gets shocked as Police comes there. The guests complained to Police against Rupali and says they will punish her. Ranvir thinks he has to do small things to reach her. The angry people knock on Rupali’s door and asks her to open the door. Aanchal is heading towards home. Rupali calls her and asks her not to come there. Rupali tries to stop them and put sofa, but they break the door and get inside. They take Rupali out.

Kabir is sitting in the airport. He collides with someone and happens to watch TV. He sees crowd beating Rupali on road and gets shocked. Aanchal comes to Rupali’s rescue and tries to stop the crowd, but they don’t listen to her. Aanchal falls down. Many people steps on her and she gets injured. Ranvir comes there and cuts his hand, as Aanchal is hurt. He says you will not love me until you believe that I am the only savior. Reporter tells that 4 people is dead because of the poison. Rupali is beaten up. They ask her to eat the poisoned food and feed forcefully in her mouth. Aanchal cries. The women sign each other and pours food items on her head. Aanchal cries. Sarika gets happy and thinks she is feeling happiness. Aanchal warns the people. Ranvir thinks it is needed. The people hold Aanchal and the woman is about to hold gravy on her, when kabir comes, holds the bucket, pushes the lady. Ranvir gets shocked seeing Kabir. Aanchal smiles and says Kabir. He beats the men safeguarding Aanchal, but the women drags Aanchal and kicks her. Kabir covers her and gets beaten up badly. He smiles looking at her.

Aanchal shouts Kabir. Kabir smiles continuously looking at her when the people attack her with rod. He gets up and shoots in air asking them to move back. He says if anyone comes forward then he will shoot them. Ranvir stands shocked. Inspector comes and arrests Rupali. Kabir assures Aanchal that he won’t let anything happen to Rupali. Rupali is pushed inside the lock up. Lady Inspector asks Aanchal not to interfere else she will also be arrested. Kabir comes there. Aanchal asks him to go. She shows the delivery boy’s record and asks lady inspector to enquire. Lady Inspector goes inside the cell and scares Rupali. Aanchal thinks who can trap Rupali so badly.

Ranvir blackmails Aanchal to accept him else he will ruin them. Kabir beats the delivery man and gets to know something. Ranvir gets arrested.