Haasil 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Kills Jatin

Ranvir takes Jatin back to farm house and asks don’t you trust me dad. Jatin says you have gone mad. Aanchal reads the message and asks Kabir to take her to farm house. Ranvir ties Jatin with hope and says I am your strength dad. He apologizes to him and asks him to forget everything. He says we will make a fresh start. Jatin says you are mad. Ranvir says I am mad in Aanchal’s love. Jatin says Aanchal will never love you. Ranvir pulls him and says she will love me, needs some time. He asks will you help me? Jatin is in shock.

Ranvir says when we return home, don’t tell anything to Aanchal, you have accepted all my words and asks him to give Aanchal. Jatin says you will never get Aanchal. Ranvir holds his collar and asks him not to say this, she has to love me. He holds his neck. Aanchal calls

Jatin and says he is not picking m call. Jatin shouts for help. Ranvir promises to leave him if he don’t tell anything to Aanchal. He says I will keep Aanchal and will find a beautiful girl for Kabir, don’t tell anyone about it. Jatin says even If I tell truth then also he will know the truth. Ranvir hangs him and says you will never understand. Aanchal and Kabir come there and see Jatin hanged. Kabir shouts Dad and asks Aanchal to call ambulance. Ranvir comes from outside then. Aanchal looks at him.

Ranvir acts and calls him. He tells Kabir that Dad is dead. Kabir says no and says Dad will get up. Ranvir hugs him. Kabir cries. Aanchal says we can’t leave Dad here, we have to take her to Maa. Aanchal says we can’t take him anywhere, now only Police can touch him, it is a police case. Ranvir asks are you mad? He says Dad committed suicide as he was upset with the happenings and relations. Aanchal says Jatin can never commit suicide. This is not a suicide. Aanchal says there is something wrong and says he called me here, someone killed him.

Police comes there and takes the body. Inspector asks them to come. Ranvir says I will come, but Aanchal says I will come as kabir needs you. Ranvir gets tensed. Kabir cries. Sarika cries and says you can’t leave me Jatin. Ranvir says I don’t want postmortem to happen. Kabir says we will know the reason of his death. Ranvir says he don’t want his body to be cut for postmortem. Aanchal calls Kabir and tells that she has completed all the formalities and now his body is taken for postmortem. Ranvir says Aanchal is habitual to drag the matter. Kabir says he has decided and the postmortem will happen. Ranvir says yes, he is your dad and emotionally blackmails him. He leaves. Kabir comes to him and asks Dad was murdered. Ranvir says I don’t want maa to know that he is murdered and wants to catch the murderer. Ranvir gets all the employees of the factory surround the ambulance and stop it from taking Jatin for postmortem. He says I will take my dad’s body to the crematorium ground and you will not stop me. Aanchal comes and says I will stop you.

Ranvir tells Aanchal that he will burn the ambulance if she don’t agree. His goons or factory workers hold Aanchal while he burns the ambulance and says your last rites will be done here.