Haasil 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Threatens Aanchal And Buries Kabir Inside Wall

Aanchal asks Ranvir where is Kabir. Ranvir says inside your heart and that’s why I have to break the doors. He asks her to come there and not to tell anyone. Sarika comes and asks Aanchal where is Kabir and Ranvir, as they are not picking her call. Ranvir threatens her to kill Kabir again. Aanchal lies to Sarika and leaves.

She comes to the under construction building and calls Kabir aloud. She sees Ranvir standing and playing mouth organ. She asks where is Kabir? Ranvir says Kabir…my brother, you know that I love him so much, if someone hurts him then I feel the pain. Aanchal asks him to tell where is Kabir? He keeps her hand on his heart and says he will be here only. He holds her closer and says so many people would have been alive today, even Dad. He accuses her for many murders. Aanchal

says you are mad and says I never loved you. She asks him to tell where is Kabir. She folds her hands and asks him to tell where is Kabir? Ranvir says I have done so much to get you and tells about involving Raj Guru, Doctor etc in his plan to prove that he has brain tumour and Aanchal’s kundali dosh. He tells that he added poison in rupali’s food and many people died. He says he even killed Dad. Aanchal is shocked and asks him to tell where is Kabir. Ranvir asks if I tell you, then will you accept me. He asks her to say yes for once and becomes his and then everything will be fine. Aanchal asks him to tell where is Kabir?

Ranvir says I have to kill him, and says I love you Aanchal. Aanchal says I hate you Ranvir and says even death is less punishment for you. She tries to push him. Ranvir says your love made you murderer and is about to fall down from the building, but Aanchal holds and saves him. Ranvir says I love you..Aanchal says you are a devil to kill your father who gave you life and promises to get him punished by law and says she will search Kabir. Ranvir holds her again and says I can’t let you go, I love you. Aanchal asks him to kill her and free her. Ranvir says I can’t give you pain. He says you wants to call police and calls Police and tells that Aanchal Rai chand has proofs regarding Jatin’s murder. Ranvir’s goon bury Kabir inside the wall.

He says I have called Police here. Aanchal tries to go. Ranvir asks for a chance. Aanchal says the man who can kill his father, can do anything with his brother. Ranvir tells her that Kabir is in danger and says love is not found easily, it have to be searched etc. Aanchal asks where is Kabir? Ranvir says he is here. He says Police will come here in 15 mins, and says if she don’t find Kabir then he will surrender to Police for his murder. Aanchal goes down to search him. Ranvir is standing near the wall where Kabir is buried and says I am sorry. Aanchal searches for him, but she can’t find Kabir. She checks the time. Ranvir plays the mouth organ. Kabir gains consciousness and gets shocked seeing himself trapped in between the walls.

Ranvir shouts Kabir and says I have lost many things in your love, but I am happy that you will not get your love. Aanchal shouts Kabir.

Aanchal asks Ranvir to tell where is Kabir. Ranvir asks her to accept his love. Police reaches there.