Sony Entertainment Television’s unique and newbie show Haasil will showcase more interesting twists and turns in its upcoming tracks.

Ranvir is faking his love for Aanchal where he wants to get Aanchal love by hook or crook.

On other hand, Kabir is also aware that there is something fishy with Ranvir thus he decides to dig out whole truth.

Amid all this, Aanchal also confessed her love for Kabir forth Ranvir where Ranvir fumes in anger.

Ranvir determined to get Aanchal in his life

Yet there is no end of conspiracies in Aanchal’s life as Ranvir is gearing up with new plan.

Where Ranvir is furious over Aanchal and confess that he will get Aanchal’s love by hook or crook.

While Aanchal is unaware of Ranvir ‘s real face where Aancahl assumes Ranvir as her best friend.

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show Haasil.

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