Internet Wala Love 10th December 2018 written episode written update

She discharges her father from the hospital and brings her back.
Roopa Mittal calls Jai and scolds her for not spending the day with her. Jai tells her that he is going to Aadhya’s place and will return soon. Roopa Mittal gets paranoid and decides to confront Aadhya, but because Sushma she couldn’t leave on time.
Samrat plays another trick and makes a forged case against Subhankar Ji. Police come to arrest Subhankar Ji but Aadhya pleads them to let him stay for some time.

Police agree.
Aadhya joins all the dots and blames Jai.
Here, Jai comes to visit Aadhya and check on her father. Aadhya is still in the maid frame that Jai is behind all the troubles. She shoves Jai out.
Roopa Mittal arrives and sees Aadhymisbehavioriour. She writes ‘Match Fixer’ on Aadhya’s wall and blames Jai.
Here, Aishwarya instigates Jai against Aadhya.
The written update of Internet Wala Love episode story ends with a fix where Jai and Aadhya are full of anger and doubts about each other.
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