Internet Wala Love 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Jai finally calls Kaira to take Aadhya’s office address.
Jai reaches Aadhya’s office. She completely denies knowing Jai. But, Jai doesn’t give up. He waits for her outside her office. Aadhya threatens Jai to leave her job.
Here, Roopa is worried as Jai isn’t answering her call. Dadi makes Roopa realize that Jai isn’t the man who gives up on the people whom he loves.
Jai dons as Chaiwala and visits Aadhya’s office. Aadhya’s colleagues ask Aadhya to forgive Jai, but Aadhya stands firm.
Jai then comes as desktop support and later as a delivery boy.
Aadhya still determinant to ignore Jai.
Jai calls Kaira and makes her text to the entire office to visit the terrace. Jai makes human sorry and apologizes Aadhya.
Roopa Mittal is anxious about Jai.
Aadhya forgives Jai but asks her to leave. Jai denies. She asks Jai to close his eyes and see whether he could see her or not. Reluctant Jai has no option left, but to try. Jai is astounded to see Aadhya’s face.
Aadhya assumes that Jai couldn’t see anyone. She bashes him and leaves.
Precap: Jai will realize his love for Aadhya. He will propose Aadhya most romantically.