Internet Wala Love 19th November 2018 written update written episode

The episode started with Jai and Aadhya having the best time of their lives. Jai is relieved to see Aadhya finally smiling.
Roopa Mittal visits Savvy and wants to dig out dirt from Aadhya’s past. She asks Savvy tell her about Aadhya’s past as she wishes to create a video on it. While Savvy is narrating Aadhya’s life, Roopa Mittal thinks that she wouldn’t get any valuable information.
Jai and Aadhya are spending the day together. Jai asks Aadhya to wish anything, and he’ll make it

possible. Aadhya wishes to watch a horror movie at midnight.
Jai drops Aadhya home and leaves. She enters and finds Subhankar Ji awake. They both talk about the last night’s incident.
Aadhya returns to her room. She gets petrified will a shrilling noise. She shouts for help. Jai comes out. He shows her the horror movie CD.
They both have fun while watching the movie together.
Roopa Mittals dreams that Jai and Aadhya got married. She wakes up in a shock. The episode ends.
Precap: Jai’s ex-girlfriend Aishwarya comes to visit Mittal house.