Internet Wala Love 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

Jai getting dressed for the New Year party. Rajjo and Vihaan are planning the party too. Jai tells them to stay at home as he is planning to spend it with Aadhya.
Dadi and Roopa ask Jai about Aadhya’s BF and what if Aadhya has some plans. Jai gets worried and calls Aadhya.
Here, Aadhya is applying for another job in Mumbai. She gets Jai’s call, who is inviting her for the New Year party. Aadhya decides to refuse. She calls Savvy to send PK for help.
Jai and PK arrive at Aadhya’s place together.

PK sneaks in and tries to make Jai leave immediately.
Jai decides to stay. Jai asks Aadhya to make PK leave as he wants to spend the time with her. Aadhya refuses and starts entertaining PK.
Here, Rajjo and Vihaan are staring at Savvy and imaging about her.
Jai couldn’t find a way to take Aadhya out. He locks PK in the washroom and abducts Aadhya for one night.