Internet Wala Love 20th November 2018 written update written episode

Subhankar Ji. He checks on Aadhya as he heard her shouting. Aadhya makes them believe that she was dreaming.
After Subhankar Ji leaves, Jai and Aadhya continue their movie date.
Next morning, Aadhya gets ready to meet Jai. Before Jai could come, Aishwarya comes to meet Aadhya.

gets puzzled to see Aishwarya. She then decides to take her to Savvy’s house and leave her there.
Aadhya tries to do the same, but somehow Aishwarya comes to Mittal house. Aadhya gets surprised to see Jai knowing her.
Roopa Mittal enjoys the view. A flashback reveals that Roopa Mittal came to know about Aishwarya from Savvy and has planted her to remove Aadhya from Jai’s life.
Jai includes Aishwarya in his plan with Aadhya, which makes Aadhya jealous. They all go for a drive and later shopping. Aadhya feels cornered. Today’s Internet Waala episode ends.
InternetWala Love Precap: Aishwarya hugs and kisses Jai which makes Aadhya very jealous.