Internet Wala Love 25th December 2018 written episode written update

Rajjo and Viraat about Jai’s location but returns empty-handed.Subhankar Ji meets Roopa Mittal. He informs her to Relax as Aadhya is with him. Roopa Mittal gets furious to learn about them.
Here, Jai steals PK’s bike to run away with Aadhya. While they are on the way the bike breaks. Jai and Aadhya return to the lodge.
PK complains Savvy about Jai. Just then, Jai and Aadhya return. Jai, PK, and Aadhya take a room at the lodge.
Jai starts interrogating PK. He questions him about Aadhya, but PK couldn’t reply any. PK sneaks in Aadhya’s room. He asks Aadhya to help.

Jai finds PK in Aadhya’s room. He scolds PK and decides to stay with them.
PK leaves the room for fresh air.
Aadhya calls her father. Subhankar Ji says he trusts on her a lot and if she in any kind of trouble she can share with him.
Aadhya replies that she is fine and Jai is also behaving himself.
Subhankar Ji reminds Aadhya about the incident when one of her classmates use to bother Aadhya, he uses to take them down.
PK finds Police raiding the lodge.