Internet Wala Love 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Subhankar Ji calls the cops to get Jai arrested. Aadhya takes Jai’s side and tells her father that Jai was sick.
Jai dreams to see Aadhya and confessing love to him. Aadhya is sobbing and is heartbroken.
Next morning, Aadhya wakes up and takes medicines to Jai. Here, Jai brings breakfast for Aadhya. The society comments on Aadhya and Jai’s bond.
Subhankar Ji hears everything.
He starts hitting Jai with his bat. Aadhya comes in the middle to stop him and gets hurt. Finally, Jai decides to leave.
Roopa Mittal watches everything. She sends goons to Aadhya’s house to teach Subhankar Ji a lesson.
Subhankar Ji gets in trouble, but Jai comes on time to protect them.