Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi In Deep’s Party

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The dog is barking at waiter. Deep says don’t be scared. The psychiatrist says go and do your work. Chawani says dont’ worry go in. Arohi says Maya is deep’s mausi. I dont’ know who else is in his family. A paralyzed man is brought out on wheelchair. Arohi says who is he? Go and wait for me. i will find out who this man is. Arohi gives Deep juice. Deep says how dare you give juice to papa. Your manager didn’t tell you what to do. He gets cold. Arohi leaves and says in heart papa.
Tara says to Maya when will mummy come? Maya says she is coming.

Arohi collides with deep. He mustache falls. Deep says why si this waiter so weird. Arohi hides behind a pillar. Tara comes to deep. He says you look so pretty. the dog barks at Arohi againa. Prithvi looks at her. She pretends to cough and leaves.

The lohri function starts. Arohi puts her mustache back. She tells Chawani I found a lot but there is more to know.
Chawani goes in and steal’s deep’s family photo. He hears servants talking about mummy ji who will come there in a while. Chawani tells Arohi. Her photo falls and breaks. Everyone says mummy ji is here she comes out of car but Arohi couldn’t see her face.

Chawani gives Deep’s family photo to Arohi. THe minister Arohi met in jail comes there as well. Chawani says go and hide. The minister says something to deep. Chawani says is he telling Deep something? Deep says Arohi you come here. Chawani says is the game over. He says do you know who these people are? Go and bring juice for them.

Arohi says God give me strength so I can take revenge from these beasts.
Chawani is inside the house. ARohi is looking for him. She is worried. He comes. Arohi hugs him and says where did you go? I was so worried. He says don’t take tension. Prithvi says to deep people from anti corruption are here as well. Deep says don’t worry. Deep says call mom. Prithvi calls her and says she will come.

Scene 2
Arohi comes home and burns those clothes. Chawani says why did you burn them? Arohi writes something on the wall. She says I am try8ing to know his whole family. I will kill them all. I want to know more about his mom. I have to go there again.
Chawani says if they find out they will send us to jail. Arohi says don’t worry. I will find a way. Chawanni says leave all this. Arohi says only my bhabi and niku are left in my family. I have to find the. Arohi says I will take revenge from them even if my life goes. Chawani says okay go and do it. He leaves.

Precap-Arohi comes to Deep’s house as a maid.
He says go to kitchen and do your work.