Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi In Deep’s House

Scene 1
Arohi is leaving. Chawani stops and hugs her. She huugs all the kids. Arohi says I am sorry. I didn’t know that you all want better for me. I shouldn’t have broken your heart. He says my heart doesn’t break. I have a plan for you. The maid who lives next to us works at Deep’s place. We injured her a bit. You can go there in her place. Arohi says is she badly injured? Chawani says just avail the chance. Arohi says thank. He says we ill do some magic on your face. The kids dress her up as a maid.

Arohi comes to Deep’s house. Deep says who are you? She says I am here to work in Savita bai’s place. She isn’t well. Arohi says in heart the house is like Shimla’s. He says what are you seeing? She says your house is so big. Deep says whats your name? She says Kesari. He says go to kitchen Mahraj will tell you your job. He says stop. I didn’t tell you where kitchen is. She says I was going to look for it. He says walk in the direction you were walking. She goes to the kitchen. Arohi recalls her moments there.

Maya comes and says Arohi.. Deep says Masi why are you taking her name. Maya says the news came of her death. Deep says that game is over. Arohi says to Maharaj I am the new maid. He says savita never told me.
Prithvi says she is dead we shouldn’t talk about her now. The chapter is over. Arohi says she is worried.
Maya says you never told me about Tara before we found out. He says leave all that. i don’t want people to know.
Maharaj says its mummy ji’s pooja’s time. Your first task is to take arti of pooja. Arohi says who is mummy ji? He says mummy ji is the owner of this house. Place this thali here. She doesn’t like thing being late. Aroho takes Arohi upstairs.

Mummy ji is doing pooja. She says give me arti plate. Arohi is dazed to see her. Its Sunanda who saved Arohi. She is in a shock. Arohi recalls deep shot her. Sunanda says give me thali. Arohi gives her thali in a shock. She does arti.

DEvi comes to mummy ji and touches her feet. He says your blessings keep me going. Mummy ji says Kesari why are you still here? Go and do your work. Arohi says you know my name. She says its my house. I know what happens here. Why are you standing here? Kesari says give me your blessings too. Arohi touches her feet. Kesari gives her parsad. She leaves.
Arohi is in a shock. She says all that was a drama.

Precap-Sunanda says Tara is crying. DEeo says I was talking to Shinday. She says I don’t care. I can’t see a tear in Tara’s eyes.
Maya says you forgot how she made you owner of this palace when you were on road.