Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th December 2018 written update written episode

Tara being hurt with a bullet. Deep is concerned about Tara. Tara says she is fine. Tara forces Deep to escape. Abhimanyu hides and tries to kill Deep with his gun.
Deep recognizes Abhimanyu and asks him to come face to face with him. Abhimanyu and Virat try to kill Deep in a police encounter. Before Abhimanyu presses the trigger, Aarohi comes to rescue Deep. The show sees a new entry today. The new entry is Upasna Malik who is a CBI officer. She tells Virat that she is the new in charge of Deep’s case.
Aarohi requests her lawyer to file a petition in the court concerning Deep’s innocence. Abhimanyu is angry at Aarohi’s concern for Deep. Tara questions Abhimanyu for his hatred towards Deep.

Tara takes the get up of a boy and tries to kill Virat. Virat saves himself and throws his attacker behind the bars. Tara is happy as Virat fails to recognize her. However, Deep recognizes her instantly.
Tara tells Deep that she is here to help him. She says together we can make other plans to escape from the jail. Deep says he doesn’t needs her help as he has someone to save his life.
Tara comes to meet Deep and get the papers signed from him. She tells him that his case will reopen now. Deep signs the papers.
Precap: Virat tells Aarohi that there is no proof that can prove Deep innocent.