Tara is choosing her dress for the party. She says I don’t know what to wear. He says let me help you. He chooses a dress for her. Laksh comes to Arohi and gives herr a photo of them choosing the dress. He says she is wearing this dress. Arohi says I know what to do. Ritu says donnt’ go there. It can be dangerous. Aroho says I have to go there. I can’t let more people die.

The party starts. Deep says welcome to the new year party. He welcomes all the guests. He says here is my wife Arohi. Tara comes downstairs and sings babu ji dheeray. She dances with deep.
Arohi dresses just like Tara. Tara goes to drink. Her hand bleeds. Deeps dresses her wound. He says be careful. Tara says we need to be careful. Arohi might come to take proofs. Deep says I know that. Arohi comes to the party. More guests join the party.
Arohi looks for the memory cards. She says it is behind any of these paintings. Prithvi comes and says ma’am what are you doing here? Arohi says I am coming in a while. There is so much noise there.

Tara collides with a waiter. She says your ruined my dress. The waiter sees Arohi and says how can there be two similar people. Deep says to Arohi you look so pretty. He thinks its Taara. Another dance performance starts. Deep comes close to Arohi. He kisses her hand. arohi doesn’t like it. Tara is on the other side. Arohi tells Suammiya that she is looking for the memory cards. She says I have to find them at any cost. She i know someone who can help you. Let me sned him here.
Another dance performance starts.

Suamiiya comes to Deep. She says to Arohi I am coming in a while. Deep kisses Arohi’s hand. He sees that the bandaid isn’t there. Deep says in heart so its Arohi. Good acting but now you are caught.

Precap-Performances are going on. Simaar says to Arohi don’t worry we will all look for the memory cards.