Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th November 2018 written update written episode

Deep and Laila aka Arohi. Deep tries to see Laila’s face, but Abimanyu comes on time as a masked man and defeats Deep.
Another masked man pays a visit to Tara and asks for a revolver. Tara takes a sigh of relief and murmurs that all her problems will soon get resolved.
Deep returns empty-handed to Vasundhara mansion. Vasundhara refuses to talk to him and asks

him to spare her. Manpreet aka Arohi rejoices her victory over Deep.
Laila dials Deep to make fun of his defeat. Deep shows his determinations on revealing Laila’s identity.
Deep senses that someone is keeping an eye on him. He romances with Tara. Arohi gets jealous to see him with Tara. Abhimanyu reminds Arohi to stay focused on her target.
Arohi decides to stay firm.
Arohi is thinking about Deep. She suddenly spots a shadow in her room. She finds Abhimanyu sneaking in is room.
Ishq mein marjawan precap: Arohi throws Abhimanyu out of Vasundhara mansion.