Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep Doubts Kesari

Scene 1
Tara comes to her room. Arohi is hidden behind the pillar. Tara rests on her bed and sleeps. Arohi says till I am here you can never sleep in peace. Tara’s phone rings. She opens light and sees blood on her mirror. Tara is scared. It reads I know everything. Murderer. Tara screams deep mom.. She runs out of her room. Arohi cleans the mirror. Deep says to Sunanda someone first sent Tara photos and then called her. Tara comes downstairs. Deep hugs her and says calm down. Sit here. Tell me what happened. Tara says come my room. Tara says see this mirror. Deep says its a mirror. Whats wrong? Tara is dazed. Tara says this can’t happen. I came here and saw murderer written with blood. I saw it. That blackmailer came here. Deep says but there is nothing on it.

says does she again have attack? Tara says I am not crazy okay. Arohi smirks. Sunanda says maybe someone wrote it and removed. Prithvi says or she saw a dream. Tara says I never slept. Deep says that means whoever did this is in the house. Shut all the doors. We will find her. Sunanda hugs Tara. Arohi is hidden.

Arohi comes out of room and sees Maya locking the maingate. Arohi sees a door open and goes in. Its papa ji’s room. Somoene is coming in that direction. Its Maya. Arohi hides in the closet. Maya comes in the room. Maya leaves. She says no one is here. Sunanda says yes no one is here. Prithvi says I looked everywhere. Tara says how could you not find her? She must be here. Arohi comes out of the closet. Tara says look everywhere. Mom please.. Sunanda says she can’t go out. Prithvi says it must have been a bad dream. Tara says I didn’t sleep at all. Why no one is trusting me. Papa ji sees Arohi. He pretends that he is asleep. Tara goes towards her room. Arohi sneaks out of papa ji’s room.

Sunanda says prithvi please do something. I don’t know what to do. She will be crazy again, Virat.. Where are you Virat? Arohi says who is this Virat. Deep says mummy ji please don’t cry. I am sorry. I am here and still you have to go through all this. I will fix all this. She says if Virat was here all this won’t have happened. When is he coming? deep says there are some troubles, he will come when that’s over. She says please hurry. Arohi sneaks out from the balcony.

Scene 2
Arohi writes Virat on the wall. Chwani says who is this Virat now? She says I am yet to finds that. He says he might also be involved in all this. Arohi says of course. And this Dilip, I feel like he isn’t like them. his eyes have truth in them.

Tara says I don’t want to do anything. Sunanda says they are just checking your blood pressure. Doctor says she is fine don’t worry. Tara says then why are you here? you came to see if I am like my old self again? He says don’t worry I am leaving. He says to Sunanda there is nothing wrong. She says the treatment might not be working. He says no Tara is fine. She doesn’t remember her past at all. Sunanda says she is hallucinating. She saw blood on the mirror. We didn’t. He says you need to relax. She is fine.

Arohi gives Tara water. Maharaj’s mom stops her and says I am here to take care of madam. Arohi’s hand color gets removed. She says sorry I was just giving water. Sunanda says come here. Arohi hides her hand. Sunanda says go to Tara’s papa and see if he needs something. Arohi says sure.

Maharaj says to bindiya help me. She says what.. Bindya sees black color on her hand. She says i held that Kesari’s hand and it gave me this black stain? Why? Maharaj says sounds weird.
Arohi comes to Dilip’s room. He recalls last night. she says are you okay? Let me take you out. She tries to pick him up. Deep comes in and says stop. I will help you. Arohi slips, deep holds her. Kesari’s pallu gets stuck in Deep’s shirt. She plucks it. She leaves. Deep recalls his time with Arohi. He says why do I feel like you are close to me Arohi.

Precap-Deep says where is Kesar? Everyone surrounds her. Arohi says why have you called me sir? Deep says who are you and why are you here?