Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Doctor Knows About Arohi

Scene 1
Arohi says first he showed me love. But he was a cheater. He left me and ran. He took everything from me and ruined my life. This is why I don’t trust anyone. I live alone here and work for myself. I am speaking for much. Binday says she is lying. She has colored her body. Arohi says what are you saying. This is my real color since morning. Prithvi rubs her hand. The color doesn’t remove Arohi’s skin. Bindya is dazed. Arohi recalls Chawani gave her permanent color. Bindya says how is this possible. I saw yesterday the color left her skin. Arohi says what are you saying. you all are harassing me. I don’t like anyone touching me. This is really hurting me. Maya says tell us clearly who sent you. You are doing all these things in this house. You spilled color

in Tara’s room. Maya says I don’t know what you all are talking about. I never go to store. MAharaj and Bindya bring me stuff from there. Only they go there. Maharaj says are you crazy. You are accusing loyal servants here. Maya says I am loyal here too. You all have really hurt me.
Arohi says okay I will leave this house. She says to papa ji please take care of yourself and take meds on right time. I am going. Please take care of yourself. Arohi is leaving. Deep says stop Kesari. He says you will stay here. Arohi says what are you saying? I am very happy. I will make something sweet for you all. Maharaj and Bindya leave. Deep says mummy ji you said we should keep our enemy closest. If she is our enemy she should stay in front of our eyes.

Arohi calls Chawani and thanks himm. She tells him the plan worked out. He says don’t thank me. Are you sure they don’t doubt you anymore? Arohi says I don’t think so. He says well done. He says how did you open store rroom? Arohi says I can break locks easily. Learn that in jail. Chawani says miss you. Arohi says will come home soon. She turns back. Deep is there. Deep says whom were you talking to? Arohi says I.. He says are you looking for work somewhere else? She says no no I called my neighbor and asked her to fill water in my house. Deep says I know you got hurt because of the drama. My family is in trouble so mummy ji asked me to ask you. Arohi says you do everything on mummy ji’s order? Even is she orders something wrong? He says mind your own business.

Scene 2
Arohi is stopping rickshaw to go home. Someone kidnaps her. The doctor kidnapped her. Doctor asks her did you scare tara? She says yes. He says who asked you to do this? She says I am doing this on my own. He says why? She says they ruined my life. They took everything from me. Doctor asks her who are you? She says Arohi. Doctor is dazed.