Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Doctor Knows About Arohi

Scene 1
Arohi recalls Deep saving her from falling. Arohi is in tears.
Prithvi says to doctor if Tara is not well Roma madam will be really mad. He says I saved Tara so many times. Remember how I removed proofs from Nikhil’s death. He didn’t die when Tara stabbed him. I gave him a shock. ARohi overhears all this. SHe is in tears. Prithvi says yes you are amazing. He says I stole this watch from his hand.
Prithvi says just pray that Tara’s condition stays well.

Maharaj and his daughter are discussing about the color of Kesari. Doctor asks whom are you talking about? Maharaj says hat maid Kesari. She is suspicious. Ever since she came things are going worse. We should talk to Roma. Doctor says she shouldn’t know that we know and she will be careful.

We would not be able to find the real mastermind behind her.
Tara gets a call. She picks in. Arohi says you are a killer. You have killed so many people. I know everything very well. All you people are killers. Tara says who are you? How you know all this? Arohi says go and see your face in mirror. You will see mine. Tara sees her face. Tara is scared. Arohi says the fear on your face is me. The tears in your eyes is me. Tara says come in front of me I will kill you. Arohi hangs up. Tara says come in front of me. Tara breaks a vase. Blood falls from it. Tara is scared. She screams. More vases break themselves. tara says I hate blood. There is blood all over her room. Tara screams.. Deep mom.. Tara sits down scared. Tara screams Deep’s name. Deep comes. He hugs Tara. Roma comes as well. They all see the blood and are dazed. Tara says see you all. This wasn’t my imagination. Find the one who did this I will kill her. Tara says she threatened me. i will kill her. Arohi looks from the window and smiles. Tara says I hate blood. I will kill her. Deep hugs her and says I will find her. ARohi says I don’t need to do anything. You are gone doctor.

Scene 2
Deep is worried. Doctor comes in. He says don’t worry I have given her injection. Deep says medicines? Why are they needed when you treated her? You said she is fine. Doctor says this isn’t my mistake. Deep says you said she will be fine but she is like before. She wants to kill again. He says this happens. She is scared. Don’t blame it on me. Your enemies are going this. Roma says you didn’t do the right treatment. He says find the one who did this. Roma says how is your treatment failing? He says my treatment didn’t fail. Someone is doing this. I will write meds. Deep says we will handle her we don’t need your meds. You can leave this house. Doctor says what do you mean? I did so much for you? I made Arohi mad. IF she died I would have lost my license. I did everything for you. I killed ARohi’s brother with Tara as well. You are forgetting my favors. Roma says you didn’t do all this free of cost. We paid you enough. Get out now. He says this is how you pay me for my services? Deep says geet out please. Arohi leaves the house. Doctor sees her leaving.

Arohi comes to temple and says you gave me strength. Arohi comes home. Kids hug her. Chawani says we were so worried. Arohi says I won again today. What will you all eat? Chawani says did you scare tara? Arohi says big time. But there was a mistake. Doctor comes outside her house. Arohi says that bindya held my hand. It left color on her hand. Thank God no one else saw it. Doctor peeks in and sees the photos on the wall. ARohi says thank God I got safe otherwise I would have been in trouble. He jumps down. Arohi hears the voice.
Arohi and the kids look outside. Chawani says who was it? Arohi says there is no one outside but I heard someone. Doctor leaves. He says who is this girl? Why is she plotting all this?

Doctor says if I tell them right now they will say I am trying to hide my shortcoming. I need to collect proofs. I need to find the root. I will go them with the entire story.
Arohi says thaat means someone was following me and he kknows everything about me. What should I do.

Precap-Deep says where is Kesari. Kesari comes.
Deep says who are you and where are you from? She says Kesari from UP. Bindya says she is lying. check her skin color. prithvi rubs her hand. Arohi is scared.