Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th December 2018 written episode written update

Aarohi and Mr. X indulge in a fight.
Guruma says Abhimanyu that she doesn’t need his help now. She says that the secret of Vasundhra’s marriage will be out soon and this will ruin her life. She is also confident that she will be able to kill Deep too.
Virat comes to the place where diamond is preserved. He finds Deep easily and arrests him. He threatens him to stop his antics or else he will shoot him.
Apart from Deep there is someone else too who is trying to steal the diamond.
The thief who comes to steal the diamond is Aarohi herself. She escapes from there along with Deep.
Vasundhra comes to Guruma and asks her to return the stuff she has stolen from her sandook. Guruma says that soon Deep will die. This scares Vasundhra. However, Guruma is hit by Tara and is kidnapped.
Mr. X’s men follow Deep and Aarohi. Also, Abhimanyu and Virat are after them. Aarohi explains Deep how she escaped from Mr. X’s trap.
Deep and Aarohi run to save themselves from their enemies.