Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Doctor says you can’t be Arohi. She is dead. Arohi says I spread my death news myself. How could you think this hypnotism would work on me? This Arohi is made of stone. Your tricks don’t work on her. He is scared. He says what do you want? She says your life. But first answer me a few questions. He shows her an injection and says this can turn you into a mad woman. Arohi says thanks for telling me the benefits. She snatches it form him. He says please let me go. She says answer my questions and I will tell you. Where are bhabhi and Niku? I know you killed my brother. She takes watch from his hand. He says I don’t know where they are but if you leave me alive I can’t find out. She says who is Virat? He shoves her and runs. Aroho goes after him.

runs everywhere. He calls Deep. Arohi is coming there.

Tara says to Deep someone is doing all this. Deep says no one can dare to scare you. Tara says that Kesari looks suspicious. Deep cuts doctor’s call. He calls again. Deep says I dont’ want to talk to you. He says please listen its very important. Doctor says Arohi is alive. Her death new is fake. kesari is arohi. Deep couldn’t hear him because Arohi has already cut the cord. She throttles him and hits his head on the wall. His head bleeds. Arohi takes him to roof.
Tara says what happened? Deep says doctor called. He was sounding really worried. He wanted to tell me something. I have to go to his house. Tara says I will come with you as well.

Arohi beats him badly. She says for sending my family away from me. She keeps hitting. He says please let me go. I confess all my crimes. Please pardon me. Arohi says first answer me my questions. Arohi says I am not disgusting like you. I know you will go to them I leave you. I will make you mad. He says please don’t do tthis. Please pardon me.

Tara says don’t be so worried. Arohi asks Doctor who is virat? He shoves her and runs towards the roof. Arohi comes after him. Arohi says I will give you this injection if you don’t answer my questions. Arohi says where are Arohi and Niku? He jumps from the roof and falls on deep’s car. Deep and Tara are scared. Deep runs towards roof. No one is there. Kesari sneaks out. Tara says who did all this with you? He points at Kesari. Tara is dazed. Tara says Kesari did all this? She killed him? I won’t leave him. She sees blood on her hand and screams. Deep sees everything in the room. Deep says did he fight with anyone?

Tara comes in and says please clean this. Blood.. I hate blood. Police comes. Deep says lets run from here before police interrogates from us. He sees the camera and picks it.
Tara and Deep come home. Deep says no one saw us. Roma says we need to find out who did this?

Precap-Chawani says to Arohi if they see your video they will kill you. You shouldn’t have left the camera there. Deep says this SD card will tell if Kesari was there or someone else.