woman is crying.. She says my daughter is killed. Laksh says where is the dead body? Deep says in my room. And the murderer is there as well. Laksh comes in the room. He says this murder is done the way previous murders were done. Arohi is sitting there. Arohi says Tara killed him. She is trying to prove me killer. You know my story. The woman says no she killed my husband. Arohi says Tara killed him. She says Arohi you killed him. Deep says I can’t believe Arohi can do this. Take this knife and get finer prints on it. Arohi says you know they are so clever. You know what has done to me. Please don’t listen to me. Laksh says I have a dead body, proof and witness and only you are the suspect. Arohi says please I didn’t kill him. They are all my enemies. Laksh says I can’t

leave you here. Court will decide. I have to arrest you. Deep says I never thought you could do this. I wish I had listened to you Laksh. Please take her from here. Arohi says to Deep you wont’ stay out of justice for long. I wish I knew your real face. Arohi gets arrested. Arohi recalls her moments in that house. Police takes her. Arohi looks at Deep. He waves her goodbye.

Arohi says to Laksh please don’t do this. i know you are tied by law. How can you do this. Who would help me if you don’t. Laksh says I can only help you as much as law allows me. Please sit in the car. They take Arohi.
Tara comes to Deep and says I love you. I am totally free. He says but we are yet to find the memory cards. She says these cards? I took them from Aorhi. I am completely free now. Deep says we need to check it first.

Arohi and Laksh are upset. Laksh recalls his promise. Prithvi checks the card and says its empty. Tara says how is this possible? She gave the wrong memory card. Dia says so Arohi has the real memory card? Tara says deep please stop Arohi. If police takes her she will show them real cards.
Police stop car due to tree. Arohi runs from the van.
Tara says go find Arohi. She shouldn’t go to police. Call deep and tell him Arohi has ran from police custody.

Scene 2
Ritu is worried for Arohi. Arohi comes home. Ritu says these hand cuffs? Aorhi sees on news.. Arohi has ran from police custody. Ritu says I wish I had stopped you. What will we do now. We should run from city. Arohi says we can’t give up. I have the proof. This card has the proof that will prove deep’s real face. Now he will go to jail. Lets see it first. I couldn’t tell them I still have it. I will go to court with it. Prithvi comes in and says give me the card or I will shoot you.

Precap-Arohi is running Prithvi runs after him.
A car stops.. Arohi sits in it. Pritvhi says did you give Arohi lift? deep says no I am alone. Who took Arohi?