Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Scene 1
Deep says what is tara going to do. He sees that his gun is not there.
Surekha calls Chawani and says Arohi isn’t there. He says I want stay with my arohi.. I mean Anjali didi. Surekha turns back. Tara says I want to talk to you about your anajli. she slaps her.
Arohi’s mom says stay away from us, she says in heart how do I tell you who am I? Thug says shott her. Arohi is crying. She shoots the lamp and hits the thug. Arohi says to mom come with me. SHe says I don’t need your fake sympathy. Arohi hugs her and cries. Her mom says stay away from me. SHe hits her and says we can’t trust you. You have already ruined our life.

Tara injures Surekha and says I want to know about Anajli. Why is she here. I am sure she must have told you about her plan. SUrekha says you don’t like Virat. Why? Why are you scared of him? She says I don’t know anything please let me go. Tara takes out a screw driver and hits her bruise with it. She says you can lie with me but I wil keep giving you pain. Surekha screams. Deep holds Tara’s hand. He drags her out. Deep takes Tara to a room and says what were you doing. she says wy you lie to me. He says because I am doing my mission. If you dare harming anyone I wont leave you. He shoves her. Tara says first for Arohi and now for Anjali.

Arohi says come with me. You are not safe here. You have to trust me. I will keep you safe. Her dad says at least we will die outside. Take us. Thug comes and puts gun on them.
Arohi hits him and runs outside. THey sit in the car. Someone hits Arohi’s head. She faints The man driver the car and takes them away. ARohi says my parents.. The man sprays in her eyes.
Tara sees Mausi going somewhere. Mausi meets someone in car and says everything is in control here deep and tara don’t know anything. Tara hears and wonders what is happening.

Malik had roped Arohi. He says you have to pay for betraying with me. You can’t fool me. He picks a rod. Arohi screams no.. His phone rings, Its Mausi. She says tara is spying on me. Do something. Malik says to his thugs handle her. I will have to see someone else.
No precap.