Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara Meets Arohi

Scene 1
Arohi says I told you everything. I went to temple and then my home. See my picture from temple. Tara gets a call. Arohi recalls she told Chawani to call Tara and play Arohi’s recording. Chawani plays recording and says you are living in peace after killing for many innocent people. Kesar says I won’t work here anymore. Maya says go right now. She I will go after this day ends. Deep says she is doing something. Do something or I will kill her. Tara goes to her room.

Arohi takes care of Papaji. She says I will take him to poja when you ask. Deep says to roma Tara is behaving like before. she says I am really worried as well. I wish Virat was here. I trust you but without Virat we are in trouble. He would have found everything by now. My lion Virat. Deep says

I will try to find everything. Roma says I hope you succeed. I hope Virat comes soon so we can spend some time in peace.

Chawani says to Arohi what will happen when you leave the job? Arohi says that’s my next step you will know soon.
Pooja starts. Kesari says I am going home. Tara goes after her to kill her. Roma says bindya where is Tara? Maharaj comes and says where is the big knife? Deep gets worried.
Tara goes after Kesari to kill her with knife. Deep says has tara gone after Kesari? roma says go and find her. Arohi comes to her house. Tara comes there as well. She goes in. Tara sees all the photos on the wall. Arohi says you are so clever you came here? Tara says who are you? Why are those pictures on the wall?? Who are you? Arohi says can you guess who I am? Arohi says wait a minute. I will tell you. She takes off glasses and cleans the color. Tara is shocked. Its Arohi. Tara says Arohi.. how is this possible. You died. Arohi says that Arohi died. This is my new life. Tara says you will die now. She tries to stab Arohi. Arohi takes the knife from her and slaps her. Tara says how dare you.. Arohi hits her more. She keeps slapping Tara.

Scene 2
Deep is looking for Tara.
Deep sees Tara injured on the road. He says who did this to you? What happened? She says I don’t remember anything. He says you went after Kesari? What happened. She says I don’t remember anything.
He picks her and takes her to the car.
Deep brings her in. Roma says what happened to her? Deep says relax she is fine. Roma does the pooja. Tara sits in the pooja as well. Maya says to Prithvi has she killed again? Roman says Deep, Tara and Virat’s parsad is left. Pandit ji says sure.
Tara says why don’t you video call Virat. Roman says call him brother not Virat.

Precap-Maya says Arohi.. Tara grasps her face and says no one will take Arohi’s name here in this house. Tara goes to her room in anger.