Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st May 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Scene 1
Arohi opens door and sees that dilip in not on his wheelchair. She says he is not on his wheelchair? That means.. Why would anyone pretend to me paralyzed for years? He did this to me? can’t believe he could do that.
Deep runs after the masked man. He drops his jacked and runs. Deep picks his jacked.

Roma pats on Arohi’s shoulder. Arohhi gets scared. Roma says what happened? I was think why are you looking at your dad and thinking? arohi says I was thinking about dad. She turns back Dilip is on his chair. Arohi is dazed. She says how is he here? He wasn’t here a moment ago. ROma says what are you thinking? She says thinking about the bruise on his hand. Roma says I applied anti- septic don’t worry. She leaves.

Deep calls someone and says

you have to secure this child. And you have to protect a girl as well but stay away from here. Arohi comes in. Deep says I couldn’t catch than man. Arohi says I know. He says how? She says yes because he reached his home. Deep says hoomee? Arohi says yes this home. He lives here. I know who attacked us. Deep says Prithvi? Virat? Arohi says no papa ji. He says are you crazy. He is on wheelchair. You are saying he was running? She says I know its difficult. You saw that bruise on his hand? It was my nails when he attacked me. This is a big game. When you were following that man. I went to dilip’s room he was nowhere. I looked everywhere. In the same time you came back he came back too. deep says are you crazy? You are saying he is pretending? Deep says I took him to doctors they all said his muscles can’t work. Roma and Prithvi walk past and hear. ARohi says he is pretending all this. Deep says why would he pretend to be paralyzed? DOn’t act like crazy. He leaves.

Scene 2
Chawani sees the thug and runs. The thug stops him. Chawani says please leave me. You want to kill me. He says I am patel. Deep sent me to take care of you. I and my men are here. Whenever you are scared just do a whistle. He gives him a chocolate.
Roma says to Prithvi tara wont trust me. She should never know how dilip got that bruise. Why is she trying to do all this? She knows deep shouldn’t know all this. Prithvi says what is she is doing all this in deep’s love. Check that proof. It should be in its’ place. She opens envelope and says everything is here. Prithvi says we should be careful. If deep gets to know about his reality everything will be destroyed. Roma says lets talk to Tara. The deep she is doing for deep. she should understand that the same deep is gets to knw reality will kill her.
Arohi says maybe deep was right? Why would dilip pretend? Why would he try to attack me. Maybe this attack was for deep and not me? What is happening? Arohi sees in her phone and says this ways is right. I have to find these secrets.

Arohi makes soup and comes to dilip’s room. She says I made this soup for you. I will make you eat it. she spills it and says i am sorry. She pastes a pill on the floor. She says when it is exposed to air it will be on fire. I don’t wanna hurt him but I want to see after fire if he runs from his chair or not.
Arohi calls Deep and says please come I need you. He says I wont come anywhere. ARohi says for dilip you will have to come his life is in danger.
Dilip moves his chair. Deep comes to the house. The chip is on fire. Arohi turns back to look at Deep. She turns back and sees that dilip is not on his chair. Arohhi says he is gone. She says to deep come with me. see that dilip is not on his chair. Deep is dazed. Dilip isn’t there. arohi says you see now. Roma and Prithvi hear all this.

Precap-Anita says to Viranj I know all about you. Don’t try to do what you want. Tara calls Deep and says you have to die in love. Tara comes in the house. Arohi falls from stairs.