Scene 1
Prithvi comes in and points gun and Arohi. Ritu is scared. Niku throws ball at him and his gun falls. THey both run. Prithvi runs after them. THey hide behind a card. Arohi says I am here. Prithvi says give me the cards or I will shoot you. She runs. Prithvi runs after her. She did this so Niku and Ritu can run in other direction. Mahek is running in the jungle. Police is also looking for Arohi. A constable sees her. She runs from there as well. A car stops and Arohi sits in it. Prithvi says that must be deep. He calls deep and says you took arohi with you? Deep says no I am alone. Prithvi says then who took her? Whose car was that. Arohi sits in the car. Its a woman driver. Arohi says who are you? She says I am your well wisher. Arohi says why would save me? She says everywhere

you are being talked about. Police stops her car. She says hide under the seat. Arohi hides. Its Sunanda. The inspector says sorry madam. There is a search operation going on for that serial killer. Here is her picture. Sunanda takes Arohi with her.

Tara says who can take her? You could have stopped the car or followed it. Maya says to Dia this keeps complicating.
Deep calls Prithvi and says she isn’t at Ritu’s place. What car was that? Prithvi says I didn’t see that. Aorhi comes to Sunanda’s house. SHe gets her handcuffs cut.
Arohi says I.. She says TV told us half of the story. Tell me rest when you feel comfortable. she takes arohi to room and says you can rest here. I can understand. No one will know you are here. Have some food. Arohi says can you please sit with me? Sunanda says sure. She says when everything is lost, confidence finds you the way back. Have faith in yourself. arohi tries to eat but is crying. Sunanda makes her eat. She swipes her tears. Arohi says thank you so much. Sunanda says I saw truth in your eyes. Arohi says the man I loved fooled me. He took everything from my life. My brother left as well. She asks her husband to look for Niku and Ritu. She says nothing will happen to them.

Scene 2
arohi calls Ritu. She comes to Sunanda’s house with Niku. Arohi hugs her. SHe says thank you for saving my Arohi. Sunanda says I am here to help her.

Precap-Sunanda says Arohi this is a renowned lawyer. Tell him your defence. Prithvi says some woman saved Arohi.