Scene 1
Arohi comes oout the dark cell. All prisoners bother her again.

Arohi eats the food. At night she sleeps. Some prisoners come to beat her. But it doesn’t hurt her. When she takes off sheets its just pillows. She says where is Arohi? She calls jailer and says Arohi has run. Arohi us trying to sneak out from the jail while everyone looks for her. Arohi sits in a corner and jumos from the floor. Sirens blare. Police comes and stops her. The jailer grasps her by hair and says you stayed in dark detention and still didn’t learn. You tried to run again. They lock her for fifteen days in the dark cell. Arohi is crying. Deeo comes and says hello sweet heart. Were you missing me? See I am here. Arohi is scared. he says don’t be scared. I will kill you today and end everything. He comes close to her and throttles her. arohi says leave me. She scratches his face. Arohi says I am not scared of any one. She was dreaming all this.

Scene 2
The constable says to jailer this girl tries to run again and again.
Arohi stands up in her dark cell. The jailer says she must have learned by now. Arohi comes to her again. The jailer says you don’t listen to me right. You havr bothered me so much. She is about to hit her. Arohi holds her rod and says how much will you hurt me? i don’t feel pain anymore. Arohi shoves her. Arohi goes back to her jail. The jailer is super angry.
Mausi says to Arohi so angry girl you are. Welcome to the club. The other prisoner is angry that mausi is accepting her. She says to Arohi sit. Mausi gives devi parasd.
Mausi says you shouldn’t try to mess with Durga. If she goes against you I can’t save you either.

Women here are being used. The jagrata will start tonight. minister comes and choose girls for his fun. I am scared Durga might give you to him this time.
Durga says prepare for the jagrata. Arohi says in heart I will get out of jail this way.

Precap-mausi gives devi parsad that had sleeping pill in it. The minister takes her and tries to come close to Arohi.