Ishq Subhan Allah 11th October 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Rukhsar makes plans to get near Kabir and lure him. Rukhsar dresses up and wears earnings. On the other hand, Zara’s mother decides to take away Zara with her as she is worried seeing Zara’s shattered condition. Reema is worried for Zara and Kabir’s marriage and tries to reason out with Zbut Zara’s mother Salma but Salma doesn’t listen to her. Kabir tries to talk to Zara but she refuses to listen to him. Rukhsar prepares food for family and sets up everything.

Kabir’s fury on Rukhsar

Rukhsar tells the family that this is a treat of her and Kabir’s walima. Kabir gets angry with Rukshar and taunts her. Kabir throws away the food and showers his anger on Rukhsar. Zara comes down with her bag and Zara’s mother asks her to come with her. Zara says that she will not go and fight her battle staying in the house. Zara also says that she will not live in Kabir’s room. Kabir takes Zara’s bag to his room while Zara gets more angry but here Kabir tells that if he had done wrong then he will go away from room and she does not have to leave the room. Kabir takes his bags and leaves. Rukhsar meets Kabir and asks him to stay in her room, Rukhsar flirts with Kabir.

Precap: Rukhsar tells Kabir that he has spent a night with her. Zara demands Kabir for the truth.