Ishq Subhan Allah 20th July 2018 Written Update Written Episode  

The current episode starts with Zara being too happy and drives scooty with Kabir.

Zara hugs Kabir and Miraj comes and sees them and Zara gets scared seeing him.

Miraj warns Zara that she must drive scooty cautiously as there are many accidents and Zara leaves making excuse.

Miraj, Nilofer, Zeenat and all sits for breakfast but Zara and Kabir weren’t there and Miraj asks Aisha about them.

Aisha tells that they have gone somewhere and will return in two days, Miraj is shocked and irked.

Zara, Kabir and Reema, Imran goes on ride on scooty and had fun, Zara, Kabir stops to have food.

Zara tries to tell Kabir about Miraj but stops, Zara asks a promise from Kabir that he will let her be with him everywhere and everytime and Kabir agrees.

Miraj plans to kill Kabir

Miraj shows his anger and orders his men to kill Kabir, Nilofer tries to stop him but fails.

Zara, Kabir, Imran and Reema goes to dargah and Zara prays for Kabir, while Reema challenges boys for race.

Zara gets a message from unknown number and gets warning over Kabir’s life in danger and cancels race.

Zara and Kabir are in scooty and Miraj’s man tells him that they are together and thus both have to be killed, a truck comes towards them.

Miraj asks his men to kill both of them while Nilofer stops him but Miraj asks his men to kill both of them.

Zara and Kabir drives and a truck comes towards them and Nilofer tries to stop Miraj but he only laughs at her.


Zara sees truck coming towards them and the truck hits Zara and Kabir.


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