Ishq Subhan Allah 30th April 2018 Written Written Update, Written Episode

The current episode starts with Kabir wakes up and searches for Zoya, Zoya comes drying her wet hairs. Kabir is mesmerized seeing Zoya that she asks Kabir to take bath.

There Shahbaaz sees Rukhsar recalls the time when he learned about Rukhsar being the one who made Zara’s fake profile.

Rukhsar greets Shahbaaz and asks if he forgot to fulfill his duty towards his daughter-in-law, Shahbaaz says that now she is her daughter only and soon he will fulfill his duty.

Kabir and Zoya do prayer where Zoya prays from Allah to nourish bepannah Mohabbat in their life. Kabir says Amen..!!

Later on, Zara thinks about Siraj, a man brings delivery. Kabir is confused seeing the cake, while Zara tells Kabir that they will celebrate their last day of the honeymoon, they cut cake where Zara applies cake on Kabir’s cheeks and then tastes it by her fingers. the duo shares romantic eye lock moment.

Today is Alina’s birthday and Alina wishes if Kabir would present on her special day. there Kabir and Zara decide to surprise Alina on her birthday.

Alina gets ready while Rukhsar thinks that today Kabir will come alone she gets ready as bride celebrating her over happiness.

Alina comes dressed in a princess gown, she demands from her mother to permit her to do Piolet course. Her mother refuses while Rukhsar says that she will take permission from Shahbaaz, Kabir’s mother feel weird.

All come together to celebrate Alina’s birthday but Alina refuses to cut the cake without Bhai and Bhabhi.

As Alina picks the knife to cut the cake, Kabir comes surprising everyone, Rukhsar is overjoyed when she sees Kabir alone without Zara.

Suddenly Zara also comes singing the birthday song. All get surprised while Alina hugs Zara, Rukhsar fumes in anger seeing Zara.

Zara warns Rukhsar

Zara, Kabir and Alina cut cake all are happy except Rukhsar, Alina sides Rukhsar and takes photograph with Zara which leaves Rukhsar pissed off.

Zara comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Rukhsar’s clothes in her wardrobe. She recalls Siraj telling her about the truth of her marital life and the facebook profile. Zara packs Rukhsar’s clothes, Tooth brush ses, beauty products all in on bag and takes it to Rukhsar’r room where Rukhsar is thinking how Siraj left Zara.

Zara asks Rukhsar to stay away from her things and her Sohar. Rukhsar asks Husband inside the bedroom or outside the bedroom, Zara recalls Siraj’s words.

Zara says inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom, in-house and in Kashmir, Kabir is her Sohar. Rukhsar says it cannot happen Kabir can’t be hers.


Zara gives two hours to Rukhsar to learn the meaning of a wife who is brought by marrying and a girl who is given shelter in the house.