Ishq Subhan Allah 9th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Zara is sad that Kabir is not going to Reema’s party.

Zara had taken the oath that she will not go without Kabir while Shahbaz comes to Zara.

Shahbaz tells Zara that Armaan wants to go to the diwali party and will she not fulfil her wish.

Zara thus changes her oath for Armaan’s happiness and agrees to go to Reema’s diwali party but is not too happy.

Zara and Aisha reaches Reema’s party with family, there Zara notices lantern brought by Kabir.

Kabir comes and surprise Zara all are happy, while now Zara, Kabir had to go to sharia board.

Zara and Kabir gets good news that Kabir’s project had got approval and Zara, Kabir had to go for its meeting.

Zara and Kabir’s new beginning with new opportunity

Zara and Kabir are happy but Zara has a plan and goes to hospital where she tells Rukhsar that she is starting her new life away from her.

Zara and Kabir bids goodbye to Rukhsar and there Rukhsar reacts to it but they leave.

Zara and Kabir reaches the city and are hoping that this change of goodness will bring happiness for them.

Rukhsar gets out of coma and Zeenat is too happy while Rukhsar reacts weirdly as she doesn’t recognize her.

Rukhsar has lost her memory and could recognize anyone and refuses to know them and Zeenat is hurt seeing this.


Rukhsar has lost her memory and Kabir, Zara are shocked to know that.