Ishqbaaz 12th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya lightening up and flying the Chinese lanterns by writing their wishes. Roop gets annoyed to see them happy, she decides to break them apart. Oberoi Bahus look for ShivOmRu, Shivaay plans to cook breakfast for everyone, but feels uncertain. Omkara stays quiet. Rudra comes asking for pancakes, Shivaay gets overwhelmed, Rudra tries to be like the earlier Rudy. ShivOmRu happily cook. Rudra emotionally asks Shivaay to take care of his diet, Shivaay promises him. Nani feels happy seeing them. On the other side, Roop plans her move. Shivaay sees Anika writing the Thank you cards, he decides to make Anika leave Oberoi Mansion anyhow. Shivaay gets annoyed to see the Thank you notes going by the names of Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi, Shivaay tears off the notes. He holds Anika forcefully and tells her to leave as he is marrying Twinkle. Anika says if that’s true Shivaay would have announced the news in Press Conference and to the whole world. Shivaay says he will announce his wedding with Twinkle in the Press Conference. Later, Twinkle gets worried on Shivaay’s Press Conference decision. Shivaay gives instructions to Twinkle and gets angry when Twinkle doesn’t pay attention, he breaks her phone.

Ishqbaaz 12th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Twinkle gets teary eyed, Anika comes there and consoles Twinkle. Rudra gets shocked to see Tej’s photo in his room, Roop tells Rudra that he has forgotten Tej and his death. Roop starts instigating Rudra against Shivaay. Rudra says he has not forgotten anything and also that Shivaay is his elder brother and saved his life. Rudra says he only received unhappiness and pain for striving to get revenge. He cannot do it anymore as he wants to be happy and his family to be happy. Rudra advises Roop to let go of the past. Roop thinks that she will not forget anything and will not let anyone forget anythihng. As Shivaay is about to declare his wedding with Twinkle, she complains of stomachache and runs away. Anika smiles. Anika comes on the podium and informs the journalists that Shivaay only wanted to apologize to her hence called for the Press Conference. Anika slowly scolds Shivaay for his actions. Anika makes Shivaay say that Anika is the best wife in the world. Shivaay apologizes to Anika as told by her. Later, Shivaay and Anika argue, Shivaay thinks hard to drive Anika out. Twinkle joins her phone and happily attends a call. She gets shocked to know that the opther person on the phone is in Oberoi Mansion. She gets happy to see Chintu, they both hug. Twinkle gets worried and tells Chintu to leave. Chintu says Twinkle messaged him to come, Twinkle gets surprised as Chintu shows her the message. Twinkle says she did not send him the message, Anika says she did. Twinkle and Chintu get shocked.


Shivaay screams at Anika to leave as his life and home have no place for her. Anika says marriage can survive only if two people work towards it. Anika asks Shivaay to swear on her that if she leaves, it will make no difference to him.